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green took part in the McDonald’s the all-star game

Just began to play basketball, Gerald green and is not now this appearance, and in fact at that time, he even dunk all dare not, childhood a try to buckle basket children when the accident took away his right hand ring finger big head, at the same time also has deprived him of his courage. Green read gao at that time, you have a height and he is similar to that of children, called the cloth rand – Jackson, can already dunks, so everybody laughs at green, ask him why he don’t buckle. In response, green in the next two summer will all the time is spent on a training springing sac gucci ability burberry pascher top, but never try to a dunk. Then suddenly one day, when he was determined to try training results, but sac hermes because jump too high but can’t buckle into!

Green basketball level with his springing ability as rapid ascension, but his study result has been sent to death. In addition, he often because return those who laugh at him only nine finger classmates and provoke conflict. In short, he became a problem young, and thus transferred to Houston gulf college, that is a private business but by the public finance charter schools, specialized accept problem students. Many sac chanel of the students in the school is directly send from the prison, and basketball team manager Ken Williams accepted sac prada when players will ask a question unexpectedly is: “you can guarantee the into hard drugs also not random shot?”

In this chaotic environment, is just bad grades grumpy green it is merit student, and his basketball level also standout. High school graduation that year, green took part in the McDonald’s the all-star game, the game only take 24 points, and won the Slam Dunk contest champion. He began to think of to draft, before him, Kevin garnett (micro Po), kobe Bryant, lebron James and Dwight Howard of the success, let he couldn’t refuse to graduate from high school to the NBA (micro Po) choice.

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