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Mike Volkerding with his Grund Audio Design GA-4041’s.

Council Bluffs, IA – May 2011… Sound reinforcement for the special events market can be a tricky business. Large crowds, lots of expectations, limited time, and precious little ‘infrastructure’ frequently exist—making it challenging to fly or otherwise deploy the sound system. As a result, ground stacked loudspeaker systems are frequently used. While rigging hardware can always be configured for ground stack applications, sometimes it’s just easier and faster to take a different approach. That’s where the GA-4041NGS ground-stack line array speaker system from Grund Audio Design really shines.

Essentially housing two Grund Audio Design GA-2021N line array elements in a single enclosure, the company’s GA-4041NGS facilitates setup and tear down in just a few minutes—without the need for expensive riggers. Cincinnati, OH-based Frequency City Sound, Lighting, and Stage, a regional provider of sound, lighting, and staging for a wide range of projects in the special events market, considers the GA-4041NGS ground stack the ideal solution for a wide range of projects from corporate industrial events to fairs, concerts, and more.

Mike Volkerding, President of Frequency City Sound, Lighting, and Stage—‘Freq City Sound’ as it’s known locally—owns four GA-4041’s and considers these loudspeakers his ‘go-to’ boxes for all types of projects. “For many such projects,� he explained, “I consider the GA-4041’s size to performance ratio among its greatest assets. Being a company that does sound, lighting and staging for events, a great benefit of the GA-4041 is the ability for one man to roll and set the entire high end of the FOH speaker system. These loudspeakers—stacked two enclosures per side—basically replace eight traditional line array modules. The GA-4041’s use a small amount of space on the deck and achieve a massive amount of sound.�

“Aside from being tremendously versatile enclosures that simplify sound system setup,� he continued, “I find I use these enclosures whenever I can because of how much sound they output and how easy they are to work with. They throw clearly as far back as 300 feet, and have an equally impressive horizontal dispersion.�

Volkerding recently used the Grund GA-4041’s at a theater in Lawrenceburg, IN for a sell-out show. He described the project’s challenges, “There was no room on stage for the PA and no provisions for flying a system. We used four GA-4041’s—two boxes per side. The way these cabinets are designed, it was as though they were custom made for the venue. We had clear, consistent coverage throughout the space from side to side and front to back. The sound was extremely musical and crystal clear, which was critically important, considering we were working with a vocal group. Interestingly, we never turned on the center fills.�

As it turns out, the Grund Audio Design GA-4041’s were the perfect match that resulted in repeat business for Freq City. “What I really love about these loudspeakers is the fact that you can certainly get them loud (we used them a recent Quiet Riot concert), but it doesn’t sound loud—until you try to speak over them,� says Volkerding. “Since that Indiana show, we’ve handled all the shows of similar character, including the Four Freshmen, Ray Price, The Lettermen, and Roy Clark, to name a few. The GA-4041’s have been terrific. For their size, the amount of sound that comes from these boxes is nothing short of amazing.�

The GA-4041’s compact size is quite deceiving, as Volkerding described. “I’ve had all kinds of national acts show up, take one look at the loudspeakers and, because of their compact size, look somewhat disappointed—until they hear them. Once they bring the faders up, they get this look of amazement, and you hear things like, ‘Whoa, I had no idea.’ What are these? Who makes ‘em?�

As he shifted his focus to a forthcoming project, Volkerding offered this parting thought, “In every show where I’ve used the GA-4041’s, I’ve never failed to land the show again the following year. This means the talent was pleased, the crowd was happy, and the buyer’s expectations were met and/or exceeded. The Grund ground stack has paid for itself many times over in customer satisfaction. This and the entire line of Grund Audio Design GT loudspeaker systems are an incredible value. The build quality, the components, and sound quality are all top notch. In terms of cost to sound value, this line is a no brainer.�

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About Grund Audio Design
A division of Grundorf Corporation, Grund Audio Design has been producing and wholesaling engineered sound reinforcement products since 1984. Customers include touring sound companies, music stores and fixed installations such as churches and theaters. The company also serves as a turnkey OEM producer for a number of significant audio manufacturers. Its parent company, Grundorf Corporation, is an internationally recognized producer of customized, high-durability touring/mobile cases, racks, and accessories. For additional information, visit the company online at