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** Photo: Grundorf ABS Series professional amp rack **
Council Bluffs, IA – February 2014… Grundorf Corporation, a leading manufacturer of equipment for musicians and audio professionals, is pleased to announce the addition of three new models to the Grundorf ABS Series professional amp rack line. Featuring anti-flex construction for additional strength, recessed, pull-out handles, and two sets of recessed wheels for better weight distribution, these new models add greater versatility to an already exceptional product line, making them a terrific choice for professional audio engineers, A/V applications, musicians, the worship market, and equipment rental operations.

All Grundorf ABS Series professional amp racks are manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight ABS material and utilize a 3 mm thick high density ABS shell with a heavy duty aluminum extrusion to ensure robust protection for years of use. ABS Series cases feature a contemporary, professional black textured finish that is easy to clean and maintain. Of particular importance, these cases have gasket-fitted front and rear lids—each with a 2.25-inch inside depth— to protect one’s equipment from moisture and dirt.

The new amp rack cases—models ABS-R0416CB, ABS-R0616CB, and ABS-R0816CB—build upon the many features of the ABS line. In addition to their collapsible, pull-out handles and two sets of recessed dual wheels, the new ABS cases incorporate built-in bottom support that eliminates stress on the rack rail from the weight of the equipment. Similarly, there is a built-in metal filler panel to cover handle access at the bottom of the rack, ensuring greater protection for both the equipment and the case itself.

Frank Grund, President of Grundorf Corporation, reflected on his company’s new ABS cases, “The ABS case line has been a tremendous success. These three new models build upon the numerous features of the ABS line and incorporate additional benefits that musicians and audio pros are certain to appreciate. Given the weight typical of today’s high performance power amplifiers, these cases feature anti-flex construction for additional strength, new collapsible, pull-out handles and two sets of recessed wheels—all of which makes transporting the equipment considerably easier while simultaneously providing better protection for one’s valuable equipment. We’re confident the improved functionality and durability of the cases will be well received.”

The three new Grundorf ABS Series cases carry the following MSRP:

• ABS-R0416CB $299.95
• ABS-R0616CB $339.95
• ABS-R0816CB $379.95

The cases are available now.

About Grundorf Corporation
Founded in July of 1984, Grundorf, a division of Grundorf Corporation, manufactures and distributes cases, equipment racks, and accessories intended for professional musicians, DJ’s, churches, schools and audio-visual / industrial applications. The company’s products are sold through sound contractors, pro audio / music retailers, and distributors worldwide. For additional information, visit the company online at