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— New worship space for New Jersey church features state-of-the-art lighting and sound, thanks to a close relationship with GC Pro —

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, February 28, 2011 — Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users, recently helped outfit the new location of Marlboro, New Jersey-based Monmouth Worship Center with a new state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. GC Pro and Monmouth already had a working partnership at the church’s previous location. When the decision was made to build a new church from the ground up, Monmouth Pastor Joe Hewes knew they would need impressive lighting and sound to match the new sanctuary, and they ended up turning to GC Pro, not merely for the gear itself, but also for design, installation and commissioning of their facility.

Rick Rivera, East Brunswick,

New Jersey-based GC Pro Account Manager, was in charge of much of the project. He recalls, “I had been working with the church for four or five years, at least, in their former facility. They decided to change locations and build a new church from scratch, and we put in a bid, and we got the job – probably because they knew that working with us means a whole lot more than simply gear sales. We’ve been involved every step of the way. Early in the design process, we used a computer algorithm to help us come up with our P.A. solution for them, which became the line array system that they are using now. Once we had the speakers we needed with the appropriate coverage patterns, we went on to accessorize the system with a full complement of power amplifiers and the whole nine yards. Working closely with my Harman rep and our great installer, Banana Sound, based in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, we were able to put together the system completely, and integrate it with some existing gear of the church’s, including a console that they are still using.�

The new gear list included eight JBL VRX932LAWH line array enclosures and two JBL SRX728S subs; an SC64 64 I/O Digital Matrix Processor, two SC A-8IN SC32/64 Analog Input Cards, three SC A-8OUT Analog Output Cards, three ZC1 Wall Mount Zone Controls and a ZC3 Wall Mount Zone Control, all from dbx; three Crown XTi 6000 Power Amps and two XTi1000 Power Amps; various power products from Mid Atlantic; a 64-channel snake from CBI; two EIKI LC-XL200 6000-Lumens Projectors; and a full complement of lighting products from Altman and Elation. GC Pro was also able to provide Monmouth with new Shure Wireless microphones and transmitters, in compliance with the 700 MHz changeover.

A “second-phase� installation is also planned for the near future, with an upgrade to the church’s console, a center speaker cluster, more wireless systems, acoustic treatment and a more massive lighting system. “They are even considering a recording studio, which of course I would be thrilled to be a part of,� adds Rivera.

Pastor Hewes stated, “Of all the vendors who bid on the job, Guitar Center Pro brought the most value to the table. We got the best bang for our buck due to their buying power. We were able to include not only more gear, but a higher level of professional equipment than we thought possible.�

Rivera concludes: “By all accounts, everyone at the church is very happy with everything that has gone on, and it’s a wonderful facility right now. I know they appreciate what GC Pro can do, with turnkey system solutions, design, and ongoing support. That is what separates us from other vendors.�