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The Guitar Frame: Smartest Way To Hang Your Guitar

Huntington, NY–– Following the successful introduction of The Guitar Armoire, The Guitar Rack and The Guitar Stand, Hart Productions introduces The Guitar Frame, a handsome, unique and practical way to hang electric and acoustic instruments in any kind of living environment.

For the first time, The Guitar Frame lets guitarists and recordists hang their instruments in an attractive padded frame that allows fast, easy access to the guitar while protecting the instrument and enhancing the decor of a room.

The Guitar Frame is ideal for recording and practice studios, living spaces, rehearsal rooms and any setting where players want to get to their guitars without hanging them directly onto the wall, an approach that can damage the instrument and restrict access.

Equipped with a hanging cleat for quick, easy installation on any type of wall, The Guitar Frame features a standard

guitar hanger or custom “hand grip�

hanger by Grip Studios to allow instant access to the instrument.

The Guitar Frame is offered in different frame, fabric and hanger versions that can be customized to match any room, wall surface and color scheme. Each frame is made in the U.S.A. from the finest woods and the instrument rests safely against a padded center core wrapped in the highest quality fabrics.

Outer dimensions of the frame vary based on style, but the standard open hanging area for the instrument measures 45� high x 20� wide, more than enough to accommodate standard electric guitar styles and most acoustic guitars.

The Guitar Frame is also available from our custom shop in special sizes for jumbo acoustics and odd-shaped electric guitars.

Prices start at $374.99 depending on the specific style, size, materials, and configuration. Please call the numbers below for more information.

For more information about The Guitar Armoire, The Guitar Rack, The Guitar Stand and The Guitar Frame, please call 631.385.1805, email [email protected] or click to