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Award-wining facility Hackenbacker has completed the audio post production for the second series of Case Sensitive, the gripping crime thriller based on Sophie Hannah’s highly acclaimed psychological suspense novels.

Following the success of the first series, which averaged 6 million viewers per episode, Hat Trick Productions has produced two new 60 minute episodes that will be screened on ITV1 on July 12th and 13th, 2012.

The story is adapted from Sophie Hannah’s best-selling novel The Other Half Lives and stars Olivia Williams (Hanna, The Ghost, Dollhouse) as DS Charlie Zailer and Darren Boyd (Spy, Whites) as DC Simon Waterhouse.
Williams and Boyd are joined by Peter Wight (Titanic, Boy Meets Girl), Ralph Ineson (Waterloo Road, The Bill, The Office), Eva Birthistle (Strike Back, Waking The Dead), Theo James (Bedlam, A Passionate Woman) and Emily Beacham (The Runaway, Unforgiven).

Filmed on location in Buckinghamshire and London, the new series of Case Sensitive was directed by John Strickland (Bedlam, Bodies) and features a score composed by Edmund Butt.

Commenting on the decision to return to Hackenbacker for audio post, John Strickland says: “I loved the soundtrack for the first Case Sensitive adaptation. For our story Hackenbacker created a unique sound-landscape that perfectly mirrored the internal and external worlds of our characters. The dialogue, music and effects were mixed very creatively to produce a compelling and haunting soundscape that enhanced every aspect of our story.”

As with the first series, the storyline for series two is both gripping and emotionally challenging. It begins with DS Charlie Zailer taking out her frustrations in a kick boxing class, where she meets Ruth, a young music teacher. Ruth has a new boyfriend Aidan, with whom she has fallen madly in love. She believes she can unlock Aidan’s extraordinary talent as a pianist. And when he asks her to marry him, she accepts. But there are two problems. Firstly, she is married to someone else, a fellow teacher, and secondly, Aidan has admitted that in the past he killed someone.

In turmoil Ruth asks her new gym buddy DS Charlie Zailer how she might ‘help a friend’ check if her partner has a criminal record of any kind. Charlie is immediately suspicious. Fearing that her new friend is in danger, and despite the opposition of her boss DCI Proust (Peter Wight), she starts to investigate, only to uncover a story of thwarted dreams and murderous jealousy…

Hackenbacker’s involvement in this project began in January 2012 when sound editing commenced. In-house editors Alex Sawyer and Darren Banks handled dialogue and effects respectively, cutting on ProTools for a period of four weeks whilst Hackenbacker’s dedicated foley stage was kept busy with its contribution to the soundtrack.

ADR was recorded in Hackenbacker’s Studio 3 by Oliver Brierley before the project moved to Studio One where re-recording mixer Nigel Heath and assistant re-recording mixer Alexander Fielding completed the final mix in just five days.

Nigel Heath says: “Hackenbacker was invited to undertake the audio post on the show as we had sound edited and mixed the first series. Although this time we had a different director, the show is still visually very exciting. Our brief was to pretty much ‘go for it’ – not in a ‘bells and whistles’ way but to add an intelligent ‘edge’ to the sound styling, to accompany the twists and turns of the story. It was great to get a chance to revisit the characters with a new storyline and to try and bring something fresh and different to the sound track.”


About Hackenbacker:
With more than 25 years experience in the audio post production business, Hackenbacker provides a first class service to the film and television industries. Its award-winning team of sound editors, designers and mixers combine a thorough knowledge of today’s technology with an understanding of the importance of deadlines in order to deliver an exceptional service to all Hackenbacker customers. The facility offers full time technical support and access to the very latest equipment as well as some more esoteric specialist devices.