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Searcy, AR – August 2008… Located in central Arkansas, Harding University is a private Christian institution of higher education committed to the tradition of the liberal arts and sciences. Central to the school’s performing arts programs is the Reynolds Music and Communication Center, which serves as the university’s performing arts venue. In support of its varied theatrical offerings, Harding University recently made a substantial investment in wireless microphone technology so as to afford performers greater freedom of movement in addition to bolstering the facility’s sound reinforcement capabilities. After a protracted search, the university purchased MIPRO wireless systems, distributed in North America by Kansas City, MO-based Avlex Corporation., a division of the Crouse-Kimzey Company, handled the Harding University transaction. is a full service professional audio, video, and broadcast equipment supplier that also handles system design, consulting, and installation. The company is based in Fort Worth, TX and is
in its 37th year of providing service to its customers. Sales Engineer Lee Edwards consulted with Harding University on the sale and, after familiarizing himself with the details of the project, determined MIPRO wireless technology would be an ideal fit for the Reynolds Music and Communication Center. Harding University’s David Robinson handled the installation.

Ultimately, the Harding University transaction included a total of 16 MIPRO systems, consisting of ACT-707MC receiver modules, ACT-707F receiver mainframes to house the receivers, and ACT-707TM body-pack transmitters. Wireless microphones included ACT-707HM handheld microphone transmitters, MU-53LX cardioid condenser lavaliere microphones, and MU-55HNX cardioid condenser headworn microphones.

Edwards reflected on his decision to recommend MIPRO wireless technology to Harding University. “The university asked us what products in our arsenal would provide them with the ability to meet the challenge of wireless in an RF (radio frequency) rich environment,� said Edwards. “They needed additional wireless capability to handle a large musical production, so we specified the MIPRO equipment because of its ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) technology and the ease with which one can identify and select open, available frequencies.�

“Because of all the RF systems in use throughout this campus, frequency coordination on this project was quite involved,� continued Edwards. “In addition to the existing systems previously installed in the Reynolds Music and Communication Center, they also had wireless systems deployed in their distance learning facilities as well as the campus chapel. MIPRO’s ACT technology was the perfect fit for Harding University, as it would enable them to operate the number of systems they required without interfering with any of the existing RF equipment.�

Edwards’ first discovered the power of MIPRO wireless technology during an NSCA (National Systems Contractors Association) convention. “I was first shown the MIPRO wireless technology a few years back during an NSCA conference in Las Vegas,� notes Edwards. “Avlex was demonstrating a full rack of 64 operating frequencies on the show floor and amidst all the activity—including wireless systems from competing manufacturers being demonstrated nearby—they had absolutely no trouble identifying open frequencies and locking them in. I was really impressed with MIPRO’s technology.�

The Harding University project was installed and first placed into service in February 2008. As is the case with many large scale wireless deployments, this project had its share of challenges and Avlex Corporations’ customer and technical support services exhibited their world-class commitment to outstanding customer care. “We experienced difficulties with a few beltpack transmitters that we suspect were damaged during shipping,� said Edwards. “Avlex Corporation’s Fred Canning was a tremendous help. Within 24 hours, Avlex provided more than enough loaner beltpacks to resolve the situation. Their handling of this matter went way above and beyond what would be a typical response from many companies these days. As Harding University is one of our firm’s largest customers, I was very impressed.�

Before turning his attention toward other business matters, Edwards summed up his experience with MIPRO’s wireless technology. “MIPRO equipment represents tremendous bang for the buck,� says Edwards. “These systems offer a lot of features, and with their modular receiver approach, I can put a lot of channels in a very small amount of rackspace. Rackspace is expensive, so the ability to maximize the number of systems into such a compact area is a tremendous benefit. It enables a customer to obtain a high channel count without spending a ton of money on ancillary rackspace.�

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