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Harman Professional Audio Technologies Support Entertainment, Commerce At AEG’s Stunning O2 World Arena In Berlin

With the remarkable new O2 World Arena that opened recently in Berlin, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) has set the template for ultra-versatile, high-performing sports and entertainment facilities in a manner that can be replicated effectively in other major cities to provide artists and producers with standardized technologies, improved flexibility and lower costs and provides consumers with consistently great sound and better access to a host of new acts and experiences. Now, artists and
productions can play long or limited engagements with confidence that the house technologies reflect the riders of the most successful tours; costs are cut significantly; programming time is minimized and high-quality sound is assured every time.

Central to this new business model are the audio technologies of Harman nternational’s Professional Division that were integrated and commissioned by German market distribution partner, AudioPro Heillbronn Elektro Akustik Gmbh, JBL loudspeakers, Crown Audio amplifiers, Soundcraft and Studer mixing consoles, AKG microphones, BSS Audio networking and dbx signal processing are common to the O2 World in Berlin, the O2 Dome in London, the Nokia Theaters in Los Angeles and New York City and a host of new and planned venues across the Americas, Europe and Asia. These are many of the same technologies deployed on some of the highest grossing tours, the world’s
most prestigious performing arts centers and the best-loved sporting venues.

At Berlin’s O2 World the house audio system comprises over 70 JBL Venue Performance Series VP7215 powered loudspeakers and 12 JBL Application Engineered AE6128 loudspeakers powered by 6 Crown Audio I-Tech 8000 amplifiers. At the core of the system is a Soundcraft Vi4 console with various JBL LSR4300 monitors and a BSS BLU 80 networked signal processor. The entire system including an AKG HUB4000Q microphone system is configured and controlled with Harman HiQnet™ protocol, which automates and simplifies complex audio system set-up and programming. O2 World also boasts an
impressive battery of over two dozen AKG performance microphones including WMS 4000 wireless systems with C568B and C1000 microphones. Ensuring consistently great sound at the appropriate amplitude throughout the facility, the luxury suites and lounges at O2 World feature 300 JBL Control 24CT/26CT ceiling loudspeakers, Crown CTs 600 amplifiers and dbx ZonePRO processors. A combination of 30 JBL 2446H, 30 2509A, 15 JBL 2382A and 15 JBL 2385 loudspeakers comprise the discrete emergency paging system.

With the world championship fight between Samuel Peter and Vitali Klitschko the multifunction arena O2 World in Berlin has its first month of operation completed. The first 11 events drew more than 155,000 visitors in the new arena.

“More important than the bare numbers, however, is that we kept our key promise,” says Detlef Kornett CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Group, Europe. “With all the problems that a first month in operation entails, each time we brought our visitors a special experience – thanks to good visibility, excellent sound and friendly and courteous staff. The arena has already shown how versatile it is and has events with world-wide beam forced to move to Berlin.”

Commenting on the installation, Michael MacDonald, Executive Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Harman’s Professional Division noted, “Harman technologies have facilitated great performances and long may we continue to do so, but this system also demonstrates how a high quality audio system with standardized technologies, interfaces and operating systems can support an innovative and impressive business model as well. We applaud AEG on this remarkable venue and we look forward to working with them to advance audio, art and business in all of the markets in which they operate.�

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