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Washington, NC – April 2010… When it came time to build its new sanctuary, Harvest Church recognized the importance of a quality sound reinforcement system and planned for it right from the design phase. Dating as far back as 2005, architectural considerations accounted for essentials such as support weight for the loudspeakers, conduit, electrical requirements, and related issues so as to ensure nothing was overlooked. At long last, the church held its first service in the new sanctuary this past New Year’s Eve. The planning paid off, and the new sound system from Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio Technologies was a resounding success.

Greenville, NC-based Hi-Tech Electronics, a design/build firm with a focus on the commercial and House of Worship installation markets, was contracted to handle the implementation of the new sound system. After consulting with church management, observing services, and evaluating a number of competing systems, David Williams, President of Hi-Tech Electronics, penned a sound reinforcement setup consisting of models from WorxAudio’s TrueLine catalog—specifically, twelve TrueLine™ V8-P powered line arrays and two TL218SS-P Super Subs, the company’s flagship subwoofer system.

“This project involved new construction and I’m pleased to say we were brought into the design process right from the start,� said Williams. “This was a particularly challenging room because of the location of the stage / altar area. The room is roughly 65 feet deep by 80 feet wide, but the stage resides in the corner and faces diagonally into the sanctuary. This arrangement made the field of coverage quite unique.�

“Harvest Church is a non-denominational house of worship with very contemporary worship services,� Williams continued. “There is also a considerable emphasis on music. In addition to a 6-piece praise band and a praise leader with a small vocal group, there is a 30-voice choir. Given the nature of their services, it was essential that the sound system offered both a high degree of speech intelligibility and solid music reproduction capabilities.�

The WorxAudio TrueLine loudspeakers are arranged in two clusters—each with six V8-P elements— flown over the left and right front edges of the stage / altar area. The loudspeaker arrays are suspended using WorxAudio’s TrueAim™ Grid—an innovative design that greatly simplifies the process of flying the TrueLine V Series line arrays. Utilizing a single industry-standard schedule 40 pipe for the array’s suspension and a pipe coupler with an exit point through which all wiring can pass, the system creates a streamlined appearance where the loudspeaker array appears to “float� in the air. The TL218SS-P subwoofers are positioned one on each side of the stage and vertically aligned with the loudspeaker arrays overhead. Additionally, a single TrueLine M80-P is suspended over the center stage area and serves as the choir monitor.

“Because of the stage’s corner location and the approximately 550 people in attendance during services, we were very concerned about even coverage throughout the space,� Williams said. “This is a key reason why we selected the TrueLine V8’s. The V8’s 140-degree horizontal dispersion and solid throw characteristics were the ideal choice to reach all areas of the sanctuary, including the far back corner. Further, the fact that this system is self-powered was yet another significant consideration in selecting the TrueLine system. While the price of the powered models may initially add to the system cost, those costs are more than offset when you factor in power amplifiers, amp racks, all the additional copper speaker cable, and storage facilities for the amps that would typically be required with a non-powered loudspeaker system. The TrueLine™ V8-P powered line arrays and TL218SS-P Super Subs were, unquestionably, the right decision.�

Williams reports that the church’s first service was a huge success and the new sound system has made a positive impression. “We were fortunate to have enough budget to have the sanctuary acoustically treated,� Williams notes. “The combination of the WorxAudio gear and the attention paid to the room’s acoustic signature all paid off with a world-class system that has been met with nothing but compliments. The clarity, intelligibility, and overall musicality of the system are really impressive. Everyone at Harvest Church—including Pastors Tad and Treva Tankard—has been singing the praises of the new system’s performance.�

For more information about Harvest Church, visit them online at To learn more about Hi-Tech Electronics, contact the company at (252) 756-9533.

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