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heart timberland women snow boots is full of self-confidence.

After several days of intense negotiations, both sides finally reached an agreement, Yang and Lu were relieved. Zhang Yang finally made cheap timberland hiking boots up his mind, the way to go in the future is not so turbid. Lu Su is because they have completed the task, so I felt very relaxed.     Zhang Yang Cheng to be hosted a dinner for Lu Su et al, came in the door Mu Shun was covered with blood, suddenly fell to his knees in front of Zhang Yang: “General, the big bad, Yang ugly troops in revolt!” Zhang Yang was shocked: “This how it was? “Mu Shun breathless, Timberland Men Sandals kneeling on the floor of the head as if not lift up like:” There are a lot of troops outside the legacy, I do not know come from these people under the banner of the name of Yang ugly siege legacy, shouting to the killing Lu Su Mr. brothers are now clinging to the main entrance, and also requested the General to make haste to leave with Mr. Lo. “Zhang Yang listening to the hearts of panic:” city guards how to quell the rebellion? “Mu Shun almost cried: the city soldiers still do not know the matter, probably have to wait at least a couple of hour to reflect over came to quell the rebellion. ”     Zhang Yang completely panicked, although he can say that is a loyalty of the people, but even loyalty people unafraid of death, especially as they are now so gratifying died.     Lu Su looked Zhang Yang, looked again behind Zhang Yang, slumped on the ground should be scared Sui solid, could not help but shook his head. Said Zhang Yang, Sui solid also mouth point capability, true to the their performance simply no use.     Looking back to watch the Xu Chu, Xu Chu hint out of the legacy of being Church. Lu Su sat down with peace of mind, in the eyes of Lu Su, Xu Chu and one hundred and brave enough to hold this bunker-like legacy.     Yang ugly is legacy the outer conductor siege, and his heart timberland women snow boots is full of self-confidence. His confidence comes from that he found Reggie, that Reggie looks very ferocious kill liberal and more vicious, there is nobody in front of him to embark on a round. Reggie is not only powerful, and completely greedy piece of gold pimple simply do not Yang ugly that many truths had told him that he please come out.    hm520pp20120929