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but the heart was lifted up, but why they can not hide feelings and get along together

two beauty? See the bags back actually with two distinctive beauty counterparts, mulberry outlet online Lai Dehua in the eyes can not help but become more accidents. Before the bags had told him and other friends to help out, but Laide Hua did not think the two are quite dazzling girl. And, with Lai Dehua reading countless eyes, two or Jiaoqiao, or Jiaohan beauty of the bags is absolutely extraordinary good impression. Oh, Lai brother, sisters are my friends, Ye Xiaoli, Dong Jun. They mainly stay hotel deal and locals, the way to help me collect some local specialties plant seeds of herbs. Virgin forest, only the two of us go bags simply for the trio introduced. In fact, he just age profile of it. Ye Xiaoli was misunderstood, eyes bright, smiling face instantly already a little more luster: he put me on the front of the Dong Jun is not representative, in his heart, I was even more special than Dong Jun? The thought of this, she looked very proud Dong Jun a. Dong Jun pour do not mind this, but graceful, smiling down bags of tone, called the sound: Lai Big Brother good smile, very sincere, pure. Oh, Ms Yip, Miss Dong, glad to know you. Lai Dehua is also fine people, and immediately noticed Ye Xiaoli changes, the heart rapidly Ye

Xiaoli and Dong Jun ratings. A look sweet, but the heart was lifted up, but why they can not hide feelings and get along together, if not down this woman, and I’m afraid a mistake easily lead to conflict. Another looks cute young and ignorant, but patience relatively is more calm some understand the advance and retreat, it would be a man, it touches can communicate communication. The frequent potholes asphalt road after four hours winding taxi stopped in front of the Bo River County’s only a three-star hotel, four of the package. looking bags this Aescin gold wire the purple fringing Lan, is in the territory of the Bo River County, an original mountain depths, there are dozens of kilometers away from the hotel, however, near the most secure living facilities. complete, but it is a this every family blessing hotel. Out of the car and into the hotel lobby, Ye Xiaoli finally let up, stroking Fengting, a look of earth tones: days, where the road is so hard and walked, I usually do not motion sickness, the first time want to vomit feeling.