The Hideaway Studio Boosts Audio Depth and Clarity Through New Monitoring System

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN; FEBRUARY 6, 2013 –The Hideaway
Studio of Minneapolis, MN, a premier music recording facility serving the
Minneapolis, MN market and such artists as Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber,
Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Cloud Cult, The Matches, and Doomtree, has upgraded its Control Room A monitoring system with a pair of ATC SCM25A Pro monitors, replacing its prior Tannoy DMT System 12, which has been moved and is now being used in Control Room B.

“As an engineer, I need to be able to hear every sound that is coming out of the speakers without any question or doubt for accurate critical listening,” says The Hideaway Studio Owner and Founder Joe Mabbott. “This new monitor system upgrade provides me with a detailed definition across the frequency range for a genuine understanding and perspective of what is happening throughout each recording without any second guessing.”

In addition to enhancing Mabbott’s ability to evaluate audio quality and clarity during recording and mixing, he says the upgrade is also a great benefit to his clients and the overall workmanship. “When I have independent engineers and producers working out of our studio, they need to feel confident that what they are hearing in the control room will translate to the outside world without any question,” he explains. “These ATC Monitors lend peace of mind, providing a great level of trust and accuracy for true monitoring."

Among the Hideaway Studio clients already reaping the benefits of The Hideaway Studio’s new ATC Monitors is Engineer Josh Gudwin, who
has recently worked with such artists as Jennifer Lopez, Hitboy, and Kuk
Harrell and used the monitors while tracking Dan Kanter, Justin Bieber’s guitar
player, musical director and co-producer for Bieber’s new record, Believe
, which recently released on Tuesday, January 29, 2013. “The ATC
monitors made it really easy to capture the sounds I wanted, without the
guessing,” says Gudwin. “It was nice to have these at The Hideaway since it was
my first time working there.”

Nestled along the Mississippi in Northeast Minneapolis, The Hideaway Studio
is one of the Twin Cities’ premier recording and production studios. Founded in
2004 by owner and music engineer extraordinaire Joe Mabbott, The Hideaway
Studio has quickly established itself as a music recording/production hub for
local, national and international artists. Its comfortable yet professional
environment has yielded hundreds of records from hip hop to punk rock to
traditional Irish folk music and all points in between. With multiple tracking
rooms, two control rooms and a huge selection of the finest outboard gear, The
Hideaway Studio is an extremely flexible recording facility that can meet most
any budget. For more information, please visit

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