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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The Hideaway Studio of Minneapolis, MN, a premier music recording facility serving the Minneapolis, MN market and such artists as Snoop Dogg, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Cloud Cult, The Matches, and Doomtree, has given
its studio a new boost through the purchase of some new equipment. It recently acquired its third Aurora Lynx 16 Converter for their Pro Tools HD 3 system, chosen for its full and transparent sound and an Elysia Xpressor 500 chosen for its versatility and flexibility in the mix stage. Also new to the studio is a third SSL SuperAnalogue Compressor to add to its already furnished SSL X rack system, of E Series Compressors and an E Series EQ, which is Mabbott’s “go to rack” for drum processing. The studio also gained its tenth API 550B EQ, which fills out one of the studio’s four API 500 series racks, and a Retro 176 Limiting Amplifier, which has quickly become one of Mabbott’s favorite compressors for vocals and bass.

“Acquiring this new equipment contributes to the extensive collection of outboard gear that The Hideaway Studio already has in place and allows even greater options and flexibility for capturing and creating a better end result for clients,” says The Hideaway Studio Founder Joseph Mabbott. “With every addition and upgrade of gear, we are able to broaden the pallet of tools available to maintain a high quality outcome standard for the studio as well as the engineers working with our clients, which ultimately provides our clientele with a superior product.”

The new gear recently acquired is reflective of the  studio’s ongoing growth and expansion. The studio most recently extended its
services and accommodations to support mainstream use among the general public, which was followed by the launch of an expanded internship program to help provide today’s recording, production and engineering students with greater opportunities for gaining authentic hands-on music industry experience.

Nestled along the Mississippi in Northeast Minneapolis, The Hideaway Studio is one of the Twin Cities’ premier recording and production studios. Founded in 2004 by owner and music engineer extraordinaire Joe Mabbott, The Hideaway Studio has quickly established itself as a music recording/production hub for local, national and international artists. Its comfortable yet professional
environment has yielded hundreds of records from hip hop to punk rock to traditional Irish folk music and all points in between. With multiple tracking rooms, two control rooms and a huge selection of the finest outboard gear, The Hideaway Studio is an extremely flexible recording facility that can meet most any budget. For more information, please visit