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High Heels For Women

Summer,skirts and shorts took turns on stage,the leg line which created by a pair of high heels attracted many women and men .heels have power to make an ordinary woman into a noble goddess, but they are also many complaints:too tired,worn very hard to accept Christian Louboutin high heels;but do you know that some women can wear 10cm or even more than 20cm high-heeled shoes,do you both envy and hate?
How many secrets on one pair of high heels? In fact,as long as you choose the right high heels,it will be absolute both beautiful and comfortable.but If you choose wrong one, not only your body will feel sick,but also it’s very easy lead to hallux valgus, weight shift, arch deformation ,even out of shape.
Now there are some advices for choosing the right high heels.
If your feet is large and wide,You need avoid choosing the high heels which is too small, thin strap sandals,peep-toe shoes.round or wedge shoes may be more suitable for you,you aslo can choose Christian Louboutin outlet wedge,thick,or semi-pointed high-heeled.If your feet are very small, you need avoid choosing heels too high and waterproof high heels,Large base and 5-8cm heels shoes are suitable for you.If a high instep,to avoid revealing too much foot, thin strap sandals should be discarded for the T-strap sandals, Rome shoes. Flat feet to head width wide shoes.
If your calf is especially full, choose a simple design high heels,try to reveal the ankle.Select a small horn or leg trousers, the legs of the position must not be the fattest location. Pants volume to the fine leg, the elongated curve, open face high heels, serve to extend the effect. Girls who have short stature short legs can wear short skirts or shorts to lengthen the curve, as expose your feet you can . Christian Louboutin outlet high heels can fully show females’ perfect and sexy, now the design of shoes can go with comfort and height.In the selection of the foot shape and shoe shape is crucial, and there is high acceptance and degree of adaptation, it is recommended that just started to try high heels lady with high control in the 5-7cm into the class: 10cm the professional level,then 14cm, step by step.Many people are focused on the height,texture,and color of shoes in the choice of Christian Louboutin outlet high heels,in fact the style of heel is the most part.Different heels can match different body and clothing ,and must not be ignored.
The heel must be vertical and completely fit the ground.The curvature of plantar
depression must be fit, can’t be too cornering and straight.The thickness of the soles are also very important,excellent and too thin,the impact of the ground will have a direct role in the feet, is easy to fatigue or injury.Shoes in front is the key to stop foot going forward,some design can increase comfort of Christian Louboutin outlet shoe.You can choose one pair high-heel shoes with cushion can make foot more comfortable.
The type of foot and Christian Louboutin shoe.