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Hollywood Production Music Launches State of the Art, Royalty Free Music Website

Hollywood, CA, March 29, 2010 — Hollywood Production Music has announced the launch of its state of the art, royalty free music and sound effects website.
For the past year, the company has invested in the development of an intuitive, easy to use, music search system that allows users to find, share and license high end production music at extremely affordable prices.

There are two components to this unique new site. They are advanced technical tools coupled with excellent production music that has been hand selected by the HPM staff from Hollywood’s top composers, producers and bands.

HPM’s clients include editors, video production companies, various editorial facilities, directors, and anyone that needs to license great sounding music at affordable prices.

The company offers free membership to its site. Members will be able

to take advantage of the HPM back-end system that will allow them to split music into different project folders that can then be shared with other co-workers, such as producers, editors, music supervisors or directors. This is a useful tool when many decision makers need to be involved in the music selection process.

Prices for individual music cues from HPM start at $12.95, full volumes/compilations start at $85.75, and sound effects cost as low as $2.45. For more info, pls see: or Contact: [email protected]