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Home Studio Achieves Optimal Performance and Cost-Efficiency with Small Tree’s GraniteSTOR abcSAN

Frustrated by his drives inability to provide adequate performance, professional audio engineer Ryan Toensing recently installed Small Tree’s GraniteSTOR abcSAN in his home studio, Sounds Good Audio Service.   

Working on tracks for local musicians utilizing Pro Tools 7.4 LE, Toensing was searching for a solution that would enable him to achieve comparable results to working off Pro Tools HD, which can be cost prohibitive for an individual user. According to Toensing, with the introduction of Pro Tools 8 LE, the 4-drive abcSAN will allow him to run 120 tracks off his MacBook Pro.       

“Computers are so powerful and fast, but traditionally, the drives are lacking,� said Toensing. “Small Tree’s abcSAN allows the computer to achieve optimal performance and eliminates time wasted waiting for the bottle-neck to clear.�  “Productivity for a one man shop like mine is critical to completing projects and keeping revenue streams coming in,� Toensing continues. “Additionally, I have to be mindful of costs associated with running my studio. Rather than spending $15k for Pro Tools HD, I’m achieving great performance and substantial savings by using abcSAN in conjunction with Pro Tools LE.�    

An iSCSI-based shared storage solution designed specifically for audio engineers looking for economical, functional and easy to manage shared and direct attached storage solutions, Small Tree’s abcSAN offers exceptional value and abundant features. Providing robust (greater than 600MB/sec), consistent performance over Ethernet networks while offering optimal cost-efficiency, abcSAN is a full-featured solution with an intuitive GUI with single pane class management for users who wish to manage RAID sets, volumes, targets and shares from one screen. Deployable as either a NAS or a SAN, abcSAN is available in a 4- or 16-drive (1 TB) configuration.    

After installing abcSAN, Toensing made an unexpected and welcome discovery while working on his latest project, an independent CD for Six Shot Love. Prior to installation, whenever he would open a plug-in while editing, Toensing would experience a pause and a pop. Now, with abcSAN, the pause and pop are gone.  

Small Tree is the Mac Networking Expert, making networking child’s play. Small Tree provides a complete portfolio of Ethernet-based networking and storage solutions for Apple Mac OS X customers.  Small Tree’s team of networking developers has extensive experience in high performance computing, and knows how to achieve the demanding application requirements of Mac customers.  Small Tree also provides contracted programming services for the Department of Defense.  For more information about the company and its products, please call 1-866-STC4MAC (1-866-782-4622), or visit