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Buena Park, CA – November 2009… Hosa Technology, the leading innovator of analog and digital connectivity solutions for the modern musician and audio/video professional, and distributor of Da-Cappo Micro Microphones throughout the Americas, is pleased to announce the introduction of the Que Audio ENG Pack by Da-Cappo Australia. A comprehensive, all-in-one system designed for sound recordists, journalists, DV camera operators, and educational institutions, the Que Audio ENG Pack is the ideal solution for those looking for a compact shotgun microphone for use with DV cameras, portable recorders, and similar equipment when a large format shotgun microphone is either too expensive or impractical for the application.


The new Que Audio ENG Pack by Da-Cappo Australia contains everything necessary to capture pristine sound. The system includes the micro shotgun microphone, a micro shotgun pop filter, a micro shotgun shock mount, an extension

cable, a telescoping boom, a

weighted base, a camera adaptor, a headset for field monitoring, and a convenient carrying case for the entire package. No longer must a technician buy the location microphone from one source and the boom from another. This affordable package gathers all the tools into one place, making it a one-stop solution for broadcast work, location news acquisition (ENG), film and video recording, theater sound reinforcement, and wildlife recording.


At five inches in length, the micro shotgun microphone included in the Que Audio ENG Pack delivers big microphone performance. The microphone’s back electret condenser boasts a highly directional polar pattern and, with the ability to handle upwards of 124 dB SPL, rivals full-sized designs in clarity and off-axis rejection. The microphone delivers over 100 hours of constant operating time with just two watch batteries— making it an outstanding choice for a myriad of mission critical sound applications.


The telescoping micro boom and the shock mount included with the Que Audio ENG Pack adds still more versatility to the system package. With its ability to extend from 1 – 5 feet, the boom can be used freehand, as an extension on a podium, or as a mic stand when attached to the included weighted base. Similarly, the shock mount attaches either to a camera’s hot shoe or to the telescoping boom—enabling the ENG Pack to be deployed for a wide range of audio capture tasks.


Jonathan Pusey, Hosa Technology’s National Marketing Manager, commented on the new Que Audio ENG Pack by Da-Cappo Australia. “Finally, there is an affordable electronic news gathering (ENG) kit worth its weight in gold,� said Pusey. “Whether one is involved in location sound work, ENG, or theater sound, this new system includes everything one is likely to need for audio capture. The microphone’s compact form factor makes it ideal for field work and with the ability to operate for over 100 hours on two batteries, audio engineers can rest easy knowing they’ll capture everything they’ve been assigned—with plenty of time to change batteries between takes, scenes, etc.�


The new Que Audio ENG Pack by Da-Cappo Australia is now shipping. The system carries a MSRP of $449.00.


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