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Hot sell cheap beats dre

Monsterbeats by dre sound headphones, to exclusive your ears recital hall.We happened to buy this pair of headphones, whether as an ordinary consumer can accept a pair of headphones, two channel pattern is not the same as it?Originally was not uniform density tree growth is also likely to encounter such a small object like we happen to run into the place of the of yellow rosewood scar Festival. Pear wood, “shadow” is to be processed into a special pattern jewelry for headphones, there will be a big problem. It is not only more difficult to machine uniform section scar at the tree growth direction of change, this area prone to cracking, especially processed into such a thin wood case.From a headphone view we open R29L wood shell thickness is very thin, while the inner surface of the hollowed out processing such as polishing, may be acoustically need for such a rough surface, but without any processing surface easily fall subtle sawdust. More unfortunately, we see the headphone shell perforated sawdust, extruded directly by wire to one side, there is not even clean up. Monster sound headphones, to exclusive your ears recital hall.

Monsterbeats dre cheap sound headphones, wear it, and the world are you!Maybe we can think of, all aspects of the above may be a special case, but this is not strictly required in the production aspects, not carefully selected Seiko secret agents can not adjust good “laboratory” headphones converted to a mass production line. From the R29L work performance, Letebo not take into account these factors, this cautious attitude with them while tuning obviously do not match.Letebo propaganda has repeatedly stressed Muke and tuning, but we think that the cavity of the same size will be very small, like the R29L this headphones wood material impact, negative problem will be difficult to solve . Headset’s core technology is still concentrated in the speaker unit, including the diaphragm, voice coil, coil, drive magnets, wood shell Let us put aside, to take a look at how the headset itself performance.LTB R29L Blue Line Edition Letebo 2011 redline version based on the re-tuning after the release of a new product, the view from the appearance of the work, we mentioned earlier, the blue line version of the work has been shrinking in the housing and connected fixed part of the line, shell wood case with the first half of the connecting portions are not red line version meticulous. Monster sound headphones, wear it, and the world are you!

Monster Hot sell cheap beats dre sound headphones to wear “music” time and space love.However, the price of both relatively close to the blue line version is only slightly more expensive 10 dollars. There is no difference between the Dimensions, including headphones Ear part of ducts leading dimensions are exactly the same. However, both the sound style indeed changed. Our newly purchased headphones burn in more than 200 hours. Evaluation, we use the iPod Classic, iPhone 4, Sony B152F as a primary reference sources, Musiland Monitor 03 U.S. as a secondary reference. Contrast headset including the Edifier H260, sound US E10.Of LTB R29L the official indicators for 21-ohm impedance, sensitivity 102dB, B152F this portable player audio performance from the actual use of point of view, the iPhone 4 and iPod Classic, require a good driving force source in the IF section, R29L The more light, thin, high-frequency performance in higher-quality audio on a more refined, and MP3 as the source appears to have a slight graininess will appear slightly rough. R29L blue line version with the red line edition sound style in general relatively close, but the details still greater difference, following evaluation will be introduced to the blue line version, described later version of the red line blue line version of the difference. Test not described refer to the iPod Classic performance. Monster sound headphones to wear “music” time and space love.