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I don’t think they were just sketchy

In keeping with tradition, both candidates prepared lighthearted remarks for the event. That was also the case four years ago when Obama and GOP discount ray ban sunglassesnominee John McCain poked fun at themselves and each other just a day after an intense presidential debate at Hofstra University on Long Island.

As in 2008, this year’s dinner follows a confrontational debate, also at Hofstra, lending an air of drama to the pivot from acrimony to humour. Democrats are ray ban for salepushing the accusation that Romney is being dishonest, taking up Obama’s refrain since Tuesday’s debate that the GOP nominee is offering “a sketchy deal.”

“I don’t think they were just sketchy,” Biden said at a rally in Las Vegas. “I think ray ban wayfarer 2140 sunglassesthey were Etch-a-Sketchy.” Obama and Biden are to campaign together next Tuesday in Ohio after Monday night’s final debate.

On Libya, Obama has faced scrutiny for shifting explanations of what discount ray ban sunglasses onlinehappened. He pushed back on Thursday. “We weren’t confused about the fact that four Americans had been killed,” Obama said.