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ic! berlin eyewear designer Ralph Anderl teach you style

Ralph Ander is not only a brand Berlin glasses! Berlin the heart and soul of their style is quite strong, for some insightful fashion. We invite Ralph talk about style, talk about the minds of the fashion icon, as well as styling tips. Senses this matter and contrast, contrast-related, the more intense your personal style, gives the impression that there would be deeper. Like from the color performance is a very easy way, I am commonly wear black and white shape appeared, basically apply this Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, because this color is very easy to make people down.
Not only have color contrast, brand mix performance contrasts, it basically means: to know how to mix and match art. Like I liked the combination of brand and non-brand body to wear the same brand or only presented the same kind of style, really boring. As for myself, in addition to the standard Berlin style, I also liked the use of some second-hand in the shape, or wild single product, such as small parts of the chain adorn these great visual effects, increase my modeling change, like I would with a Casio electronic table to go with my black and white retro suit, or in a neat, black-and-white styling, coupled with a very eye-catching pair of socks.
When you see people who usually only wear second-hand clothing, who was out pops a crazy single product, similar to a pair of very unique type Ray Ban Outlet, this surprise will brightens up the exclaimed , as long as you can be down on your behalf characteristics.
Does have very many ideas and creative style and life in the world, a profound impact on me, which cross to the entertainment industry, Mr. Tom Ford fashion, that is, in my mind, style figures.
I really admire Tom Ford, versatile; every time he shot the people are always very much looking forward. I liked his film A Single Man film, this is really excellent work, regardless of the camera work and the costumes are the United States of outrageous, from start to finish full of Tom Ford style, actor Colin Firth chip also taking black and white retro styling, this style, especially my heart.
Collaboration with Italian eyewear group De Rigor, launched handmade Eyewear Series Lavin, let us understand the complete production process of a pair of Tiffany Outlet through the movie, through the master’s hand-build, from the first look, to carefully handle the material, like carefully as promised, a step followed by a step, a moment can not relax completed. On the sidelines of the entire production process, so involuntarily produced feelings of awe instant heart.
Lavin Eyewear series combining the soul of France and Italy handmade retro elements for design inspiration, both the glasses top of the caring Logo or frames the delicate trim are everywhere ingenuity addictive The full range of sunglasses will start selling this summer.