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SANTA MONICA, CA—Immediate Music, Hollywood’s preeminent supplier of original music for high profile, major studio feature film trailers, has built a new two-room facility equipped with a Solid State Logic AWS 900+ Analogue Workstation System used in conjunction with XLogic Alpha-Link and Delta-Link units. The AWS 900+ is housed in Studio A, providing essential integrated control of a Pro Tools® system, while offering the sterling sound quality and familiar interface only available from SSL. The Alpha and Delta Link units provide the analogue to digital link between the AWS and the Pro Tools unit.

“I’ve always enjoyed working in larger studios that had big SSL consoles,� says Immediate Music President Yoav Goren. “When I first heard of the availability of a small footprint SSL, which was an important requirement for my particular space, I made sure to include the AWS 900+ into the studio design.�

Immediate Music recently produced Trailerhead, a CD featuring some of their most high profile and talked about trailer music heard in movie theaters around the world. Containing 15 never-before-available tracks, Trailerhead includes: “An Epic Age� from the trailer for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,� “Lacrimosa Dominae� from the trailer for “Spiderman 2� and “Spiritus Omnia� from the trailer for “The Fantastic Four.� As Immediate Music moves into future productions, the addition of the AWS 900+ insures streamlined performance with high-level sound quality.

The AWS 900+ offers integrated connection to the Alpha-Link for pristine analogue to digital conversion. The Alpha-Link sends the digital audio via the MADI protocol to the Delta-Link that feeds Immediate’s Pro Tools system. As Immediate Music mixes projects that encompass over 80 tracks, different combinations of tracks are subgrouped within Pro Tools to provide the AWS 900+ with stereo and 5.1 surround stems. “With the built-in control of the Pro Tools system, the AWS 900+ makes working with large track counts a breeze,� says Goren. “Having the availability to quickly control 24 faders at a time allows for more creative control while affording better time management during a session.�

The AWS 900+ features SSL’s legendary SuperAnalogue™ mic pre’s, channel dynamics processing and EQ that yield superior sonic performance for every style of music.

“Not only is the tone of the AWS 900+ personally more pleasing than other consoles, but in direct A/B/C tests, the sound of a mix processed through the AWS 900+ was more expansive and three dimensional while accurately representing the full spectrum of the mix’s frequency range,� states Goren. “The AWS also greatly enhances the sound quality of our synthesizer tracks by imparting SSL’s signature analog sound to the digital audio.�

The AWS 900+ console’s dedicated one button per operation design offers the logical hands-on operation familiar to the SSL community of top engineers from around the world. “The AWS becomes an extension of your creative control, allowing you to quickly experiment with sonic shaping on the fly,� explains Goren. “I really consider this board to be a musical instrument, an equal partner in the creation of artistic sonic output. Interacting with the AWS 900+ not only produces better sounding music, but will also make me a better engineer. With the superior EQ and compression onboard, the AWS supplies me with essential and high quality tools that elevate the end result to the ultimate level of production quality.�

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