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Immediate Music Launches New “Premium” and “Immediate Music” Libraries for Advertising & VideoGame Industries

Santa Monica, CA, October 7, 2008 – Immediate Music, Hollywood’s preeminent supplier of original music for high profile, major studio feature film trailers, is making its music available—for the first time ever—to the advertising and videogame industries. Concurrently, the company, which recently provided its signature music for NBC’s 2008 Beijing Olympics, has announced the launch of two new music libraries, “Immediate Music Premiumâ€? and “Immediate Music Library.â€? Also, Immediate Music will now be offering its award-winning, high quality level, original custom scoring services to those industries. Immediate Music co- founders/composers/producers Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman made the announcements.

Additionally, Immediate Music is now offering its clients state-of-the-art Online Music Search and Download capabilities via . The IM online catalogue contains over 1,200 unique tracks, which can be heard and downloaded through numerous signature genre searches. These genres include “Action,� “Rock & Pop,� “Comedy,� “Suspense/Horror,� “Electronic,� “Adventure,� “Epic,� “World,� “Romantic Comedy� and “Orchestra/Choir.�

Immediate Music is making its original music, culled from 15 years of company history, available to the advertising and videogame industries through the release of its two brand new libraries, as well as via original custom scoring services. Mr. Goren said, “We have been very fortunate to have secured a niche with our powerful, impactful and epic-sounding music which has, for 15 years, been promoting hundreds of major motion picture releases. We felt the time was right for us now to extend and expand our industry outreach, by making this same music available to the advertising and videogame industries. With TV spots and videogame trailers becoming more and more cutting-edge and exciting, we wanted to let the producers of those projects know that we are affording them the opportunity to weave in our big music, which is sure to help them reach their target audiences.�

Details about Immediate Music’s new libraries appear below:


The “Immediate Music Premium� library is the company’s exclusive library, comprised of over 300 tracks of impactful, orchestra and choral laden music. The company has targeted this library primarily to bigger corporate advertisers, including automobile manufacturers, alcohol and soft drink manufacturers, airlines, hotel chains and large scale lifestyle advertisers. These tunes will also be available at a premium price point for inclusion within—and for trailers to promote—videogame releases.


The “Immediate Music Library� is comprised of 1000 tracks (and growing,) geared toward other national, more cost-conscious advertisers, as well as to local and regional advertising agencies and brands. In addition, the company is targeting this library to producers of network and cable television promos and IDS, as well as to smaller videogame publishers with lower-budgeted promotional campaigns behind their new videogame releases.

In the past, Immediate Music has had some of its music included within promotional trailers for videogames. These games have included “Gears of War,� “Shrek Super Slam,� “Prince Caspian Video Game,� “Incredible Hulk Video Game,� “Timeshift,� “Full Auto� and “Battlefront II.�


Co-founded in 1993 by composers/producers Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman, and currently celebrating its 15th anniversary year, Immediate Music is widely acknowledged as Hollywood’s preeminent supplier of original music for high profile, major studio motion picture trailers. In the competitive market of motion picture advertising, the quality of Immediate Music’s compositions, as well as its high production levels, have consistently measured up against the finest motion picture scores in the entertainment industry.

In addition to the critical acclaim they regularly receive from the motion picture industry, Goren and Fayman have also had success in the world of television. The composers are the winners of a 2007 Emmy Award for “Outstanding Music Composition in a Sports Program,â€? for their work on “The XX Olympic Winter Games: The Stories of Torino.â€? This Emmy was bestowed by the National Television Academy of Arts & Sciences during the 28th Annual Emmy Awards for Sports held in NYC in 2007. Yoav Goren is also the winner of a 2008 “BMI Awardâ€? for his work on The Olympics telecast cited above.

Some of Immediate Music’s most recent campaigns include the creation of original music for trailers promoting “Hancock,� “The Incredible Hulk,� “Iron Man,� “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian,� “Pirates of the Caribbean 3,� “Horton Hears a Who,� “Hellboy 2,� “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,� and the custom score for “Dragonball,� as well as the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.� Historically, the company has also provided music to the trailers behind such other renowned movies as “X-Men 1-3,� “Spiderman 2 & 3,� “Harry Potter 1-5,� “The Da Vinci Code,� “Pirates: Dean Man’s Chest,� “Superman Returns,� “Lord of the Rings,� “Gladiator� and “American Beauty,� among them.

Immediate Music has also provided music for the promotional campaigns behind such TV programs as “Lost,� “Desperate Housewives,� “Six Feet Under,� “Weeds,� “Prison Break,� “24,� The Closer,� “Saving Grace,� HBO’s “John Adams,� The Olympics, NFL Super Bowl telecasts, NHL playoffs and more. Immediate Music recently produced the theme music provided the custom in-show score for NBC’s hit TV series “American Gladiators.� Ad campaigns to which the company has provided music include those promoting Toyota, Ford, DirecTV, Amstel, Hitachi and Blu-Ray.

Immediate Music’s prestigious clients include such major entertainment and advertising companies as Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Universal Pictures, The Weinstein Company, Lions Gate, CBS, NBC, ABC, HBO, FOX, FOX Sports, Turner Network Television, IMAX and Saatchi & Saatchi to name some.

Immediate Music’s new headquarters is located in Santa Monica, CA. The phone is 310/260-4989 and the website is