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The impact of the restrictions of the the celine luggage cover and package design sutures operation

The the line sewing bags, celine package components cartography is calculated according to the size of the parts based. Semi-hard box lid and box switch was docked and lid support on the flange, the use of the the box lock switch box and reinforce the cabinet has the brazing tongue and brazing mix. For this box, the lid and the box to help design necessary to ensure the normal use of the box.

Box surface according to the design of the box size, allowance for 5 ~ lOmm, boxes to help calculate the length of the perimeter of the tank surface Figure all parts drawing size basic performance in the construction projection map which the draw parts diagram, is relatively easy. The various components of mapping, cartography. Addition to the the celine bag picture displayed on the member outside some member guantum, intermediate foil are consistent with their external member FIG.

Celine official website of the various components of the calculation of the allowance should consider the following factors: the connection fixed parts, sewing method, sewing process factors (including line distance from the edge of the stitch density, the application of the lineretc.) leather material itself factors (including the thickness of the material, the material strength, etc.), the influence of sewing with needle and thread, the sewing machine operation restriction so on. Components connected fixed combination of parts, celine smiling faces of the package is the most common way that is sewn, of course, pure ancient well-formed, high-frequency welding, etc.. We mainly discuss the first way.