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Imperativa Records Launches as New Label Releasing Blockbuster Movie Trailer Music

Santa Monica, CA, July 29, 2008 – Emmy Award winning producer/composer Yoav Goren has announced the launch of a new music label entitled Imperativa Records, which he will serve as CEO. Concurrently, Goren also announced the U.S. release of Imperativa Records’ first two original CDs, “Trailerhead” from artist Immediate, and “Epiconâ€? from artist Globus.

NOTE: As of July 29, there will be two ways to purchase “Trailerhead�—through digital download from online stores such as iTunes, and physical copies which can be purchased directly from Imperativa Records via From August 26 and thereafter, the “Trailerhead� CD will also be distributed through a broader retail outreach through such outlets as, and several brick and mortar stores.

Goren said, “Imperativa Records is a high quality label dedicated to providing music lovers of all kinds the best of contemporary, orchestral and choral music for the 21st Century. We felt the time was right to release this exciting, emotionally powerful music to a wider audience, and we expect to be delivering several upcoming new releases during the course of the next few years.�


“Trailerhead� contains 15 extraordinary, never-before-available tracks, each of which presents a huge, epic, hybrid orchestral style. The tracks mix orchestra with electronics and various grooves, along with sweeping choral melodies. Immediate is credited as pioneers in bringing this production style to the genre popularly known as “Trailer Music,� which is broadly used within Hollywood’s global motion picture advertising industry. Goren said, “’Trailerhead’ features some of the most high profile, exciting, and talked about trailer music heard in movie theaters all over the world, during the past three or four years.�

The cuts on “Trailerhead� are comprised of music that was featured in numerous dynamic, thrilling and powerful motion picture film trailers. One of the tracks won an Emmy Award for its use in NBC’s broadcast of the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Among these tracks and their associated film/TV projects are:

“Prometheus Rising� from the trailer for “Beowulf�
“An Epic Age� from the trailer for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest�
“Lacrimosa Dominae� from the trailer for “Spiderman 2�
“Seranata Immortale� from the trailer for “I, ROBOT�
“Prelude to Paradise� from the trailer for “Kingdom of Heaven�
“Spiritus Omnia� from the trailer for “The Fantastic Four�
“Fides en Lucius Dei� from the trailer for “The Da Vinci Code�
“Onward to Freedom� – this tune led composers Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman to Emmy Award wins in 2007 for “Outstanding Music Composition for a Television Sports Program,� as featured in NBC’s “XX Olympics: The Torino Games�

Due to popular demand, the artist Immediate was “born� of Immediate Music. For 15 years, Immediate Music has been widely acknowledged as Hollywood’s preeminent supplier of original music for high profile, major studio motion picture trailers. In the competitive market of motion picture advertising, the quality of Immediate Music’s compositions, as well as its high production levels, have consistently measured up against the finest motion picture scores in the global entertainment industry.

Immediate Music’s prestigious clients include every major motion picture studio, including Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Universal Pictures, The Weinstein Company, and Lions Gate, and every TV network, including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, HBO, and TNT.


“Epiconâ€? is powerful Epic Rock, recorded by the band Globus (of which Mr. Goren is a member,) and featuring rock, pop, classical and world music songs—originally showcased on movie screens worldwide, but now with added lyrics– fused with orchestra and choir. During its limited test launch, which took place only in the UK, “Epiconâ€? sold over 10,000 CD units. Globus’ filmed live concert, held at the Wembley Center in London, has been seen across UK television, and the band’s three MTV-style music videos have enjoyed widespread UK TV popularity.

Regarding “Epicon,â€? UK-based music critic Jim Bloomington, said, “The ‘Epicon’ album is very well done. Clearly alot of work went into filling out these tracks into music that stands on its own, and it shows. I can’t stress this point enough–this album must have been a labor of love. The approach the producers took allowed them to market their music to a broader audience than just hard core movie trailer fanatics. Some of the tracks, like ‘Preliator’ (a track derived from the “Spider-Man 2â€? movie trailer,) are truly enhanced by the added content — I could simply listen to it over and over until the CD wears out. These tracks are so good that Globus will surely develop a core of fanatics who are eagerly awaiting their next project.â€?


Imperativa Records is a new music label based in Santa Monica, CA, specializing in the production and release of original CD and online music, covering a broad spectrum of genres, including soundtrack, rock, fusion, and contemporary classical, among others. Imperativa sync licenses the label’s masters into films, television shows, movie trailers and TV commercials. The label offers music which blends a massive orchestral and choral sound with contemporary styles, accessible to today’s wide ranging, music-loving audiences, and which is also highly sought after for product marketing.

Imperativa Records is led by Emmy Award winning composer and producer Yoav Goren, who is also a co-founder of Immediate Music. During the course of the past 15 years, Goren, and his Immediate Music co-founder Jeffrey Fayman, have composed and produced over 1,200 tracks of original music for more than 5,000 major movie studio and network television projects. For more information, please see