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MINNEAPOLIS, MN, September 1, 2009 — The Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) in Minneapolis is pleased to announce it has installed the first Digidesign ICON D-Control® ES console in Minnesota into its professional recording studio, Master Mix, as part of a facility upgrade. The ICON allows IPR to offer the latest technology to both its students and clientele, which has included Neil Diamond, Ricky Martin and Lucinda Williams.

“When the school first opened seven years ago, we installed one of the first Pro Tools|HD systems in Minnesota to accompany our 48-track analog console that packed a lot of punch,� explains Director of IPR Brian Jacoby. “The marketplace and technology is always in a constant state of fluctuation but our facility has always been a step ahead to adapt. This is why we install digital integrated work surfaces. Everything within the Pro

Tools environment is fully automatable and integrated with a substantial work surface. It represents the pinnacle in technology in terms of working with a digital audio workstation.�
IPR has well over 100 Digidesign workstations including Pro Tools M-Powered, LE and HD systems. The D-Control ES is the 15th Digidesign ICON console in the facility. With its ability to efficiently move from one session to another without spending hours recalling numerous settings, the console adds flexibility and workflow that are usually much more difficult to achieve on an analog console.
“The D-Control ES is very easy to use as is the workflow that you get working with a console that’s integrated directly with Pro Tools,� continues Jacoby. “Not only does the console streamline the process, but the ICON itself has no sound of its own, allowing all of your sound to come from the processors in the room instead. Both the analog and outboard equipment are used in the Pro Tools environment as well as the many processors available in the box. One of the things that makes an upgrade like this possible today is that the processing in the box has evolved to a point where it can compete with the sound of analog processors. Not to mention, analog consoles have gotten very expensive to maintain. The D-Control ES offers significantly less down time, expense and maintenance.�
The Master Mix facility has been fully upgraded and is currently in use.

About IPR
Integrating a liberal arts education with business and technical training expertise, The Institute of Production & Recording provides a learning environment that reflects today’s evolving entertainment industry. Its classrooms invite active discussions, creative problem solving, and presents an open forum for the exchange of new methods and ideas. Encouraging creativity and recognizing achievement, IPR assists its students in reaching their career goals in music, multimedia production, audio recording and music business. IPR is based in Minneapolis, MN. For further information, visit