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Intelligent Devices Releases Slip-N-Slide: The Spectral interpolator

Intelligent Devices Releases Slip-N-Slide: The Spectral Interpolator
June 26, 2009


At Intelligent Devices, we make tools for audio manipulation that we would want to use. So we like to make audio tools that simply don’t exist elsewhere. Slip-N-Slide is a case in point. It exists for one reason: to mangle audio in the frequency domain. It is so unique it is hard to describe, you just have to go listen (so go listen! Samples at our web site).

Slip-N-Slide is actually several different frequency domain effects, each with a significant amount of control over the affected as well as unaffected portions of the sound and each affording either a little or a lot of “randomness.�

With Slip-N-Slide you can create almost anything from shimmering, temporally rigid, spectral tremolos to slurred speech, to quirky, reverse-gate sounding effects, to new ambiances to continuously new rhythmic and sonic artifact riddled accents. The combination of spectral processing with controllable randomization is very powerful.

Slip-N-Slide: It’s not pretty, but it was never meant to be. It’s a window into the melting world of frequency domain mangling.

We could listen to this thing for hours. We hope you’ll feel the same way.

Here are some condensed points of interest:

  • Slip-N-Slide comes in two “flavorsâ€? all bundled in one download, giving users their choice of processing:

    Slip-N-SlideMM: mono input, mono output: Useful for single-point sources that you’d like discretely processed and placed.
    Slip-N-SlideSS: stereo input, stereo output: Nice for effecting things “in-place” or     messing with the stereo image.

  • Unique frequency domain audio morpher/mangler.
  • Modify existing sounds or to create whole new sounds from existing material.
  • Create patterned or random slides of the spectral content.
  • Create a spectral sample and hold.
  • Pluck out individual components from complex sounds.
  • Mix and match linearity and randomness with processed and unprocessed sounds.
  • Destroy almost any sound in existence, and like it!

Slip-N-Slide: You haven’t really heard anything like it before, so it doesn’t matter how hard we try to explain it.

Look for Slip-N-Slide and more on the Intelligent Devices pro audio website:

Fully functional 8 day demo downloadable without registration.

Chris Mandra
Product Specialist
Intelligent Devices
W: 410 902 0091
[email protected]