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Introductory Pricing on Lisson Grove R-124 Compressor Nears End

LOS ANGELES – February 2011 — Lisson Grove, a new boutique pro audio brand dedicated to bringing back the finest studio sounds of a bygone era, announces that the introductory pricing on its first product, the R-124 valve compressor, will soon come to a close.

Effective March 1, retail price for the hand-built, variable-gain unit will increase to $5,495.00 (USD). Those wishing to still purchase an R-124 for the initial discounted list figure should contact Vintage King Audio (888.653.1184 /, the exclusive US distributor for the brand, prior to the end of February.

Highly praised by discerning producer/engineers like Jack Joseph Puig and Nigel Godrich, the Lisson Grove R-124 is an all-tube compressor based on the classic ’60s British studio units used extensively on all of the Beatles’ recordings.

Meticulously reverse-engineered from one of the highly-modified Altec 436 originals, the new R-124 recreates the same unmistakable compression characteristics of the vintage unit while benefitting from modern components for enhanced performance and reliability.

Founded by Grammy Award-winning mixer/producer/engineer Hugo Nicolson (Radiohead, Primal Scream, Julian Cope, etc.), Lisson Grove is a manufacturer of professional audio products for the studio and home recording markets. Primarily dedicated to recapturing the finest sounds of yesteryear, the company is located in Los Angeles, California.

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Lisson Grove
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