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that isn’t the wedding

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Turn to take a glance, to the Mou that up reads Chen, he sits before desk, dynasty she recruits.

Mo Su walks over there and lets go of the tea vessel on the hand, "this is tea-leaf that brought from the home before, and special product?A few days ago think of and discover have been putting in the apartment, afraid Be getting worse, so took to come over to make tea, you taste to see.Harbour "

"H'm."He not and urgently and not and slowly once took, then lightly closed lightly an one mouthful and compared with a leaf any of careless action, the grace was very.No wonder that these two people can become a good friend, a big nerve, a heart is thin, at the right moment repair with each other.

Finish sending tea, her task also completed, but saw her taking a plate to come downstairs,be called by him:"Etc.."

She turns round and sees him.

"There is a matter that want to measure with your company."

"What matter?"

"If you the words of nothing important opinion, I think we next week hold a wedding."

Hear him this sentence, Mo Su is foolish at first livelong 2.

Is surprised to still feel too much that oneself is in the sleepwalking, she doesn't understand as well, "why suddenly make decision like this?"

She asks and daze very much of looking at him.

But see he stretch hand to pull she over sit on own leg, very very intimate posture, finger's at will playing with her has already grown up the half hair between the waists:"Is afraid you the belly is too big, became an ugly bride when the time comes."

"The matrimony is the affair in lifetime ……why will you choose me?"

"That you must ask why does your kid in the belly want to choose you?"

"BE receive son to marry?"She asks and means to say, if is such, that isn't the wedding that she needs.But she can not open, even if he answers to is an affirmative answer, she will also set up for don't care, the hope of her selfishness even if is the marriage that didn't love, want ?only to baby a family of integrity, she would like to be also.

Because is she too great?Not, change is whichever to soon do a mother of the women will hope like this.

"There is half that BE."He says that" I don't want to fool you, I have never wanted to so early get married."

What he say is the truth, but also really harms a person.

Mo Su the heart bottom know naturally he how a person, have how of background.Don't say a so successful man, even if is a common man to also seldom choose at so young get married.

"Does that still have half of reason?"

"The man's sense of responsibility."His corner of mouth is tiny to hang up, order to smile an idea:"Always can not make you have no don't divide of bear him, perhaps the kid would resent after growing up me don't give her mother good marriage."

He always so, the inhospitality gets up to enrage people very much, the gentleness gets up, even if is very exorbitant words to sound all be like comfort the person's sweet language sweet speech.Mo Su's in the mind is from injustice and lose, even if have the reason of one lesser half because he loves himself/herself, she can't have, either to so orders suffered.Unfortunately, he doesn't say.

"Your facial expression makes me feel that you are very self-confident."


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"Seem me will definitely promise to get married with you."

He lightly smiles and shakes, "you can also refuse, I said in the beginning and was just the company's quantity."

"But you the first reason be good enough to vanquish me, who all don't want to be an ugly bride, I prefer to still not big the time in my belly, be the most beautiful bride."She play his hand, make great effort not to make oneself think those not happy affairs, he was like he to propose at least, she didn't seem to be other women at least similar, Be just he ambiguity or play of object, "start from someone, the woman will be more unfair than man and was the mother's woman, any further could not return single at the beginning of freedom and beauty.The man is getting more different, the age is more old to more have magic power, nearby of the temptation is more."

"You is this complaining that God is unfair?Unfortunately I ain't God, can not change the thing that you want."

"I just said."She looking at his eyes, have plank have an eye of say, " I can not promise your to propose first today.Because this proposes is that I once see have a history propose most in brief, have nothing at all, connect to spend you more unwilling."

He smiles, a bit helpless, "to this aspect I really not too understand, so you said, what do you want?"

"I don't know that I want as well what, even if know to can't tell you, either.You think by yourself, if I in advance know some surprises all had no."

"So can I be you first to promise?"

"H'm ……" she wanted to think and ordered to nod, and then shook head, "do not go."


"Just the baby kicked me for a while."


"Even he feels your propose too in brief unqualified, so just protest against his/her own disaffection for his mummy."

Read Chen to really lower the head, saw an eye, she remained flat of small belly, way:"So small belly, inside ability Tibetan?"

Don't know isn't a Mo Su a person's felling, the facial expression that feels that he inquire is a bit earnest, be like don't understand a very earnest inquiry teacher of this problem of lovely student, don't aware of self of, she"rush toward Chi" one smiled out.

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"Smile what?"He looking at her, a bit difficult to express.

"Have no ……" she shakes head to smile and wished to say that he will be definitely very angry, so still keep hiding this careful, hereafter can go fetch aftertaste.

That laughter is like bell, read Chen always have never seen the such merriment that she smiles, she calculate not ascend top-class beauty, but is see of teach the person comfortable heart, particularly is smile of time, really beautiful.His heart be like drive what touch general, cold cannot compare with to defend of bend the head to kiss her soft of lips petal, destroy she don't and export of laughter.

Just like the impulse set of of the storm sort book his intelligence, he ruthlessly kisses her, with the strength for cannibalism, suck to kiss her soft of small tongue, the emollient upper arm imitates a Buddha to crumple into she is inside.

Have how long have never touched her?He doesn't remember that anyway have a very misty memory is recording 2 people not happy recollection, at present, her captivating body Zi at at present, be fond of and receive of double the square whom the eye is kissed by him is disorderly, can not distinguish a southeast northwest ground amiability, as long as is a man can not control the he or she's heart desire moves of emotion.

He is light of start to embrace she, put on table, be like to a very and precious baby.He kisses her, a don't also release, the dissatisfaction from the lips petal visited to move to the lock bone that he loves most.

Mo Su feels that his/her own body gradually has reaction, the passive sense organs starts stiring up familiar of***, but she thoughts of that she fears after being pregnant the baby some.Although some muddled physiology knowledge tell her to do this kind of affair this time is can, as long as don't act too greatly, didn't hurt to the baby.

"Read Chen ……" she some nervouses is blurred light call.

He didn't answer, just lips the overlay live her small mouth and destroyed her voice afresh and she is unknown to fear tired.

He is like a gentle and soft gentleman, connecting deeply and kissing all can be so well-mannered, and then is like a teacher, gradual of guide she kisses, let her forget frightened, the absolute being thinks to completely sink to immerse in his inducement.

When he soon get into, Mo Su only saves of a little consciousness is pulling and dragging:"Do not …… I am frightened ……"

He kisses her lower ear lobe, deep and low and hoarse voice is in the ear consolation:"Do not fear, I at ……"

Have magic like this, imitated a Buddha to beat a tranquilizer, let she the uneasy heart stabilized down a while.

Do such a thing feeling in the meticulous den should more easily stimulate an in the mind, Mo Su squints Jing to looking at to put business management and some bookcases of office files, don't know as well because the cause that didn't do for a long time is still him too severe, make her some to accept can not stand.

The time that waits until be over, Mo Su all all over had no energy and imitated a Buddha to just finish running 800 meters ground, pant noisily of lay prone on the bosom of reading the Chen, some energies all lifted not up, allowed to read Chen to tidy up the in great disorder beginning on the body for her.

"Later you still don't lure me."The big tiger being full incredibly starts complaining, " body is so bad, really fear that you accept to can not stand."