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IsoAcoustics Announces the Global Availability of the ISO-PUCK

Low Profile Puck Isolators Offer Discreet Acoustic Isolation for Pro Audio Speakers, Subwoofers, Musical Instrument Amplifiers, DJ Mixers and Turntables, and a Variety of Stage Applications

Markham, Ontario(May 31, 2017) —IsoAcoustics manufacturer of award-winning isolation solutions, is pleased to announce that the ISO-PUCK, the company’s new low-profile, highly flexible and scalable round acoustic isolator is available now in stores. The ISO-PUCK is ideal for discreet use under pro audio speakers and subwoofers, musical instrument amplifiers, DJ mixers and turntables as well as a wide variety of stage applications (supporting cabinets, stage monitor wedges, mic stands, etc.)

Delivering the same clarity and openness that IsoAcoustics has become known for, the ISO-PUCK’s extremely low profile make it the most discreet solution to isolate speakers, amplifiers and other products where vibrations can affect best performance. With a height of only 1.18 inches (28mm) and just 2.4 inches (60mm) in diameter, the ISO-PUCK’s round shape makes it flexible enough to be ideally positioned on any surface, especially on the narrow spaces atop a meter bridge.

The highly scalable ISO-PUCKS are designed to be used in multiples to match the weight of each speaker, amplifier or other product. With a weight bearing capability of 20lbs. (9 kg.) for each puck, 3 or more of them can be combined to support the weight of the particular product requiring isolation. The IsoAcoustics logo defines the front of the unit, confirming the alignment of the internal isolators, so positioningis made simple, allowing it to be configured and turned easily to suit the supporting surface.

Producer, engineers and musicians around the world already have praise for the new ISO-PUCK.Cenzo Townshend, the award-winning music producer and sound engineer who has worked with artists and bands including a-ha, Kaiser Chiefs, U2, Snow Patrol, Florence + the Machine, James Blunt, Bryan Ferry and many more, has been a long time IsoAcoustics isolation solutions user. He recently used the ISO-PUCK at his Decoy Studios in the U.K. and has praise for the new product.

“The difference that the ISO-PUCKS made on my console, was most noticeable in the lower mids, tighter and more focused,” says Townshend. “The pucks open the highs and widen the imaging, enlarging the soundstage”.

The multipart isolation construction of the ISO-PUCK allows it to isolate and manage the energy, using the same patented IsoAcoustics concepts as the other acclaimed IsoAcoustics products. The ISO-PUCK features a flange suction cup on the top which adheres to the bottom of the cabinet or product, as well as a bottom flange which adheres to the supporting surface. As a result, the energy is transferred to the core of the multipart isolator – resisting lateral movement and offering superior isolation – resulting in markedly improved clarity, 3-dimensional openness, and uncolored sound.

The ISO-PUCK is available now in stores worldwide.

About IsoAcoustics Inc.

IsoAcoustics stands provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity of virtually all speakers and amplification systems, including large and small desktop, bookshelf and floor standing speakers for audiophiles, hi-fi enthusiasts and consumers, home theatre systems, as well as musical instrument amplifiers and speakers used in professional audio settings. AlI IsoAcoustics stands are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that allows speakers to float in free space, resulting in authentic, clear uncolored sound.

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