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It appears in a number of eyewear

To highlight the brand new logo, it would be decorated about the broadside of the reflection leg with matt impact. Letter “P” has become an essential design in the 2011 springtime and summer sunglasses. It appears in a number of eyewear with rock design, and shapes the awesome and handsome image. It’s worthy of being mentioned how the brand in the season pays more focus on the needs of ladies. And they launch a number of simple temperament sunglasses with regard to independent women. The sq . and round 2012 Ray Ban Sunglasses structures present the charming character. With the butterfly form of LOGO and beautiful colour plates, they make styles more soft and womanly. The new style would have been a fashionable item in the brand new season.For the arriving 2012 spring and summer time, being stylish is simple enough. There will be plenty of new eye glasses that you should choose one by 1.