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it is difficult to by the influence of age

Most of the time gucci bags for the mavericks in Marion’s defense, but you difficult to prove his influence. The mavericks have his present lose points more, para small forward efficiency value limit well, although Marion in Synergy website evaluation good, but not to the extent of the top. Marion last season’s performance especially difficult evaluation, because he will often switch protection Jason kidd. Although 2.01 m striker can prevent parker of the flow is very rare, but so think his defensive top is too much.

Offensively, Marion weak is very obvious. 48.8% of his real hit a new low career, also to drag down the mavericks attack. His strength is layups and dunks, stroke and run shots, but last season more depend on run pitch and stroke and within 10 feet shooting only 51.1%. At the same time, he also basic not make a foul, only free throw 93 times. He will not throw three points, so the addition shooting at small forward second countdown.Nowitzki season encountered some difficulties, even spent a lot of time to train back, but in the end of the season, he basic is previous himself gucci outlet online – he all-star game backcourt all can 23.6 points, 43.4% from three. However, his whole data is ten worst next year, scoring average, rebounds rate and assists coach outlet store online rate are dropped, the percentage is even more so.

Nowitzki’s base is to break the law usually attack. The alliance almost gucci shoes every player, wouldn’t remote two ball as strengths, nowitzki but can do this. He last season’s 16 feet shot 50.3%, the league good times and to contribute to the other aspects. Defensive foul and double coach bags followed, also let he can in many ways have threat, especially if he gucci outlet attracted more and more attention, coach outlet online but few mistakes.This is why dirk nowitzki won’t falling too fast, even so is 34 years old. The second half of last season he section very well, the most precious two ability – seven feet tall and like layup 18 feet centering, it is difficult to by the influence of age.Height and shooting ability is maintain career length the most important two factors, though nowitzki than ideal height outline a little high (more than 2.11 meters, the greater the risk that the higher injury), but his knee take as long as live, can constantly hit the jumper. He also can maintain this level for a long time.

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