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It does not forget Great gift (1)

The woman in front of me, elegant and tranquil, could see that she was very happy.

At an early age, my Christmas is almost all spent in crying, I can not understand why I only get a little gift, my friends have so many? “She said to me.

“At that time is in a recession, but for me who do not understand things the children always think, good boy should get more gifts such as Christmas so the ‘big day’, and I have been is a good girl. “

“For your parents, in that day, and perhaps some of them difficult.” I said.Louis vuitton outlet store

“Yes my father to work in the coal mines, the pressures of life so that he becomes difficult to reach, and my mother always explained to us, Why we do not get toys and gifts at Christmas time,” she pause for a moment, sighed and continued: “mom told us that our socks have a hole, Santa Claus did not leave any gifts for our reasons where they are missing.” here, she laughed: “As a matter of fact, the socks with no holes is what, I’ve never experienced and I clearly remember, I was at the time the biggest Christmas wish is to expect to have a new pair of socks, but it was not until I grew up and fully understand a life situation before, I did not able to do so. “

“Well experienced so many years of hardship, life must have your own unique view of it?” I asked her.LKN20121019LKN