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It does not forget Great gift (2)

She was silent for some time, and then I said: “Yes I came to realize more than socks have a hole, life in fact, there is a hole, whenever I want, desire, the pursuit of something, often from the holemiss in the hole as socks on my Christmas gift one a miss, like the life of the hole so I look forward to a little thing naught, which continue to vanish into thin air the little things add up, soMy life looks very pessimistic, very hopeless until one day, I ‘Christmas socks’ realized a great lesson, I suddenly suddenly see the light, my life will never become colorful up.

“And I share this great lesson?” I pleaded.Louis vuitton outlet store

Socks on the small hole to let a small thing falling, and we are most concerned about is often these small things, this is what we often unhappy, depressed, painful and even desperate reason I realized that , drop small things, a lot of big things to stay with us, and these things can not be left out from the hole in the socks, such as health, love, laughter, family, friends, work, Sunrise Sunset …… they are ‘big thing’ Christmas since then, I looked at the pair of a small hole at the bottom of the sock, looking at the Christmas tree was empty, I said to myself, the greatest gift is can not be wrapped, can not hang on the Christmas tree or filling socks! “

Your socks have holes? “She asked me with a smile,” it would be thankful for the countless big things can not be omitted from the cave! “LKN20121019LKN