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it is impossible to in a short time beyond Google map

For out of map service, apple seems to early premeditated. In October 2009, apple through mergers and acquisitions of network map company for the first time Placebase in map business, and during the next two years the company successively m&a map Poly9 and 3 d map technology company C3 Technologies.The launch map service, apple and layout though only three years, but in YangYongQi coach bags seems to have achieved good results. gucci outlet “Apple in such a short time, he launched a global map service, in fact, have gucci shoes quite good.” He points out that map is a kind coach outlet store online of regional strong service, need long time data and technical accumulation.Google map has developed several years, in addition to buying the existing business data besides, Google has been in data acquisition, street, etc in the forefront of the walk. At the same time, Google map of human resources investment will far more than apple.

According to the American scientific and technological blog BusinessInsider reports, Google map has more than 7000 employees, including 1100 full-time staff and 6000 contract, and apple map team of employees may be only hundreds of.In order to further improve their own map service, apple is a lot of digging Angle Google map gucci outlet online of company employees. But the personage inside course of study thinks, even apple can dig the experienced engineers, it is impossible to in a short time beyond Google map.

An interesting problem is, Google map and coach outlet online the chance to return to his iOS platform? The answer is probably won’t.Google chairman schmidt yesterday gucci bags in Japan to the media, said Google did not submit to the App Store iOS version of Google map application. He said: “if apple company continue to use Google map, there wouldn’t have been so bad situation. Is to Google and apple in forced back? Recalling.”

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