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It would be an easy option to turn on the alcohol companies

Twelve primary sporting organisations – covering athletes in soccer, basketball, netball, swimming, biking, hockey and other individuals – have agreed to finish all current and potential alcoholic beverages louis vuitton outlet sponsorship agreements.

In exchange, the teams will discuss $25 million in replacement authorities funding obtained from new Alcopops tax revenues.

But the nation’s largest sports activities organisations – AFL, NRL and Cricket Australia – haven’t nevertheless signed as much as the brand new system, prompting liquor abuse authorities louis vuitton online to push for any comparable tactic.

“We urge the remaining sports activities such as AFL, NRL louis vuitton factory outlet and cricket to start discussions with the federal government as to how they too can move away louis vuitton outlet from their current role in exposing children to alcoholic beverages promotion,” said Professor Mike Daube, co-chair of the National Alliance for Action on Liquor.

Sports Minister Kate Lundy, who announced the “Be The Influence” technique yesterday, said more sporting groups were not part of the initiative louis vuitton handbags partly due to funding issues.

“With $25 million available, this is the best we can do,” she told reporters in Melbourne.

She did, having said that, praise the three big leagues for their own efforts in trying to reduce binge drinking.

“The issue here is that they are all carrying a responsible drinking message,” she said.

Last week, the AFL announced a 10-year extension to a significant sponsorship deal with Carlton United Brewers.

Cricket Australia has been sponsored by VB for years while the NRL has commercial partnerships with Fosters and Diageo, which makes Bundaberg Rum.

These kinds of funding arrangements, on the other hand, are now being questioned by some athletes.

“It would be an easy option to turn on the alcohol companies,” said Olympic swimming champion Geoff Huegill, who supports Swimming Australia’s decision to join the govt initiative.

“Back in the 80s you had the tobacco companies that were doing the same things as well. From stamping that out, we’ve had massive change.”

Football Federation of Australia CEO Ben Buckley says his organisation is proud to take a leadership role in reducing alcohol abuse.

“We have an absolute responsibility to make our community clubs and our professional clubs role models in society,” he said.

But NRL spokesman John Brady said he hoped the authorities would invest more funding in harm prevention groups rather than target sports activities sponsorship programs.

“Trying to ban alcoholic beverages sponsorship isn’t going to achieve anything,” he said.

Australian Medical Association president Dr Steve Hambleton urged big sporting codes to realise the days of accepting cash from liquor companies were quickly coming to an finish.

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