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iZotope iDrum Beatboxing Edition for iPhone: It’s Your Turn

New App let’s you record samples, add effects, and create custom beats

iZotope, Inc. announces iDrum Beatboxing Edition, the latest addition to their popular line of iDrum Apps for iPhone and iPod touch. This new edition puts the user in the spotlight to record custom samples, add fun effects, and create unique beats.

iDrum for iPhone and iPod touch makes beatboxing easy, even with no prior musical experience. Its pattern-based layout and built-in library of hundreds of beatboxing vocal and percussion samples will have you creating beats in no time. In addition to the built-in sounds, you can easily record your own samples at the touch of a button using the iPhone 3G built-in microphone, add effects, and add your new custom sounds to existing beats, or create something entirely new.

“With this new edition, we have put even more creative power into our users hands�, says Mark Ethier, CEO of iZotope. “You can literally be anywhere and capture your own custom content in a ready-to-go format for making beats. It’s fun, addictive, and creative all at the same time.�

iDrum Beatboxing Edition is the eighth edition in iZotope’s iPhone App lineup. The line also includes editions with genre specific content such as Club, Rock, and Hip-hop editions as well as collaborations with major music artists and record labels such as Ministry of Sound, Major Lazer, and Depeche Mode. These editions feature exclusive content from the artists themselves that can be mixed, edited, and arranged to make new, custom beats.

iDrum Beatboxing Edition Features:

• Includes hundreds of beatboxing sounds and 20 preset kits
• Easy recording using the iPhone’s built in mic
• Sound effects like “Robot�, “Reverse�, “Cave�, and “Metallic�
• Easy to use pattern-based interface
• Ability to save patterns as ring tones
• Transfer files to iDrum Desktop version for further editing
• Tap the touch screen to play and record your own musical patterns
• Customize patterns to create your own unique beats

Purchase iDrum Beatboxing Edition for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store at

See a video of iDrum at