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Fresno, CA – July 2008… D.A.S. Audio USA, a leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems, power amplification, signal processing, and related components, is pleased to announce that JAG Music Productions, a regional sound provider based in Fresno, CA, has taken delivery of a new Aero 38A line array system. The new loudspeaker system expands upon JAG Music Productions’ existing D.A.S. Audio equipment arsenal and is expected to enable the company to take larger projects.

Catering primarily to the Hispanic market, JAG Music Productions is a provider of live sound reinforcement for concerts, fairs, corporate industrials, and other special events in the greater Fresno and Central California areas. The company took delivery of 16 D.A.S. Audio Aero 38A line array elements.

The D.A.S. Audio Aero 38A is a powered, medium format line array module which integrates low, mid, and high frequency transducers into a single unit. Low frequency reproduction is handled by two D.A.S. 12GNC loudspeakers in a bass-reflex configuration. Two D.A.S. 10LMN16, 10-inch cone transducers incorporating neodymium magnetic assemblies and 3-inch voice coils are used for mid frequency reproduction. High frequency reproduction is handled by a single D.A.S. ND-10 large format compression driver using a 4-inch titanium diaphragm, copper clad aluminum edge-wound flat wire (EFW) voice coil with a 1.5-inch exit throat. Power is provided by a three-channel class “D� power amplifier.

According to Juan Gonzales, owner of JAG Music Productions, “We’ve had a very positive experience with D.A.S. Audio. Both the sound quality and build quality of their loudspeaker systems is first rate. We’ve used D.A.S. for quite some time now. Prior to taking delivery of the new system, our D.A.S. inventory included twelve Aero CA-28A powered line array modules, eight Aero 218A self-powered subwoofers, and nine self-powered stage monitors consisting of a combination of SM-12A and SM-15A models. With the sixteen new Aero 38A’s, we are well positioned to handle larger projects. Now that we have the ability to use a combination of Aero 28A’s and 38A’s, we have much greater flexibility, and I expect this to translate into bigger projects that were previously difficult for us to do.�

When queried about those aspects of the Aero Series that he finds particularly beneficial for the type of work his company handles, Gonzales was quick to point out several features. “These loudspeakers sound very good straight out of the box, so they don’t need a lot of processing,� notes Gonzalez. “Their self-powered design is another big plus, as it reduces the amount of weight and volume that we have to transport to and from a job. The fact that we don’t have to haul a lot of heavy powers amps around is a big plus, and this also simplifies system cabling.�

“We purchased our 38A’s with the transport carts,� continued Gonzales, “and this makes moving the enclosures much easier. On jobs where we’re not flying the loudspeakers, we can roll the carts into place, uncover them, make our connections, adjust the angles of the cabinets, and pretty much be ready to go. On jobs where we do fly the boxes, D.A.S. Audio’s hardware really helps make the work easier. Everything is fully captive, which makes it easy to keep track of since it stays with each box, so setup and teardown is quick. Two guys can raise and lower this rig quite easily.�

Gonzales recently used his new Aero 38A’s on a spring festival at Fresno’s Grizzly Stadium, home to the town’s minor league baseball team. With live music and all the various festivities being sponsored by KRDA-FM, the local Univision radio station, Gonzales reports that the company’s first outing went very smoothly. “We had roughly 8,000 people in attendance for this event in early April,� notes Gonzales, “and both the performing musicians and the audience were very complimentary about the sound quality. The 38A’s have long throw and broad horizontal coverage, so we had very clean, evenly distributed sound throughout the entire audience.�

Gonzales is optimistic that his decision to go with D.A.S. Audio equipment was the right choice for his business. “Right from my first purchase,� says Gonzales, “D.A.S. has been great to work with. Whenever we’ve had questions about the gear, the company has always been very responsive and supportive. The equipment sounds great, it’s built very well, and is competitively priced. For me, I really believe it’s a good investment that will enable JAG Music Productions to grow.�

For additional information about JAG Music Productions, contact the company at 559-434-4213.

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