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Javier Vargas Records at Ardent with Devon Allman

Jason Latshaw Mixes “Flamenco Blues Experience”

Pictured in Memphis at Ardent Studios are (L-R) Devon Allman, Javier Vargas, and mix engineer Jason Latshaw.

Spanish guitar sensation Javier Vargas has returned to Memphis‘ renowned Ardent Studios for his new album “Flamenco Blues Experience.” Jason Latshaw is mixing the new album, with Jason Gillespie assisting. Devon Allman, who contributed vocals to Vargas‘ 2005 album, “Love, Union, Peace,” returned to Memphis to record vocals for the new release.

In previous albums, Vargas has teamed up with artists such as Jack Bruce, Glenn Hughes, and Elliot Murphy. For years, the Vargas Blues Band has been entertaining audiences throughout Europe at such major venues as Switzerland‘s Montreaux Jazz Festival, Germany‘s Pop Korn Festival, The Great British R&B Festival, and the Antwerp R& B Festival, as well as extensive touring elsewhere throughout Europe and Latin America.

Carlos Santana, who has performed with Vargas in Spain and France, remarked on the Spaniard‘s unique talent to blend Rock, Soul, Flamenco and Latin influences: “Vargas is like a rainbow, he contains all the colors, he feels the same passion as I do when it comes to embracing the music of the world.”

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