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JBL VERTEC® Line Arrays And Grupo Zonico Rock Venezuela’s Solid Fest

In one of Venezuela’s largest annual live music events, rental sound company Grupo Zonico provided an extensive audio system for Coca-Cola Solid Fest 2010 at Hipdromo La Rinconada in Caracas. JBL VERTEC® line arrays comprised the main PA system for the 4-day event, which included performances by leading international and local artists for crowds averaging 20,000 persons per day. With separate themed event days presenting rock, urban and Latin artists, performers at the festival included Korn, OscarD Leon and Luis Fonsi.

Grupo Zonico deployed a main PA system featuring two array hangs, each comprising 15 VERTEC VT4889-1 full-size line array elements and three VT4887ADP compact powered line array elements with DrivePack® technology. The system also included 26 VT4880A full-size arrayable subwoofers, with an additional 12 VT4887ADP loudspeakers provided for front fill. Crown I-Tech HD12000 and HD9000 amplifiers powered the main suspended arrays, while I-Tech 8000 amplifiers powered the

subwoofers. Grupo Zonico also set up a supplemental tower featuring 12 VERTEC VT4888DP midsize powered line array elements. The overall system was configured and remotely controlled and monitored with Harman HiQnetâ„¢ System Architectâ„¢ software.

According to Jose Vallenotti, System Engineer for Grupo Zonico, the system performed beyond the company’s expectations. “The level of total system control we achieve through System Architect makes the job easier as no other manufacturer in the audio industry can provide anything similar.�

“I feel very proud and satisfied to provide a sound system so efficient that it meets and exceeds the expectations of the different engineers that have used it in terms of high SPL, sound quality and effectiveness,� said Hugo Morillo, Director of Operations, Grupo Zonico. “Harman Pro’s support, along with local support from Harman’s distributor Media CA, is a key element in our success as leaders in the production industry.�

The compliments on the audio system were not limited to Grupo Zonico, as noted by a variety of front-of-house engineers who mixed the live sound for different artists. “This was the best VERTEC system I’ve ever used in my 15 years in the audio industry,� observed Juan Luis Pedor, FOH Sound Engineer for Wsisin and Yandel, Franco El Gorila, and Joel and Randy. “The high and low sections of the VT4889-1 were very impressive due to the OmnidriveHD signal processing, and the system didn’t seem to have a limit to its performance capabilities.�

“The system sounded amazing and JBL’s V4 signal processing was incredible,� offered Jose Lehardy, FOH Sound Engineer for Gilberto Santarrosa.

“The system sounded very clear with crisp vocals and lots of headroom,� said Pedro Collado, FOH Sound Engineer for Lusi Fonsi.
Guillermo Sanchez, Business Development Manager, Latin America, Crown Audio, noted that the system’s performance and reliability allowed Grupo Zonico to focus on its main task: pleasing the artists and engineers. “The power and vocal clarity outperforms any other system available in the market and the benefit that Grupo Zonico is receiving from JBL VERTEC line arrays with Crown I-Tech HD amplification is priceless,� he said.

“As Solid Fest is a festival with so many international performers in such a short time, it is usually difficult to please everybody as there are so many different music styles, but as a high-profile company, we strive to provide the highest standard in the audio Industry in Venezuela. That is ultimately why we have chosen Harman as our equipment supplier,� said Sheila Perestrelo, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Grupo Zonico.