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AWS Replaces Control|24 in Busy Commercial Studio

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – JEL Recording Studios, a studio with clients ranging from Disney, Universal and Warner Bros, to AT&T, Blizzard Entertainment for the popular videogame World of Warcraft™ and the punk band Green Day, recently installed a Solid State Logic AWS 900 in Studio A to increase throughput for the busy facility. Replacing a Digidesign Control|24, the AWS 900+ SE provides SuperAnalogue™ sound quality and greatly increased production efficiencies.

“We provide recording services in Studio A for music productions ranging from rhythm sections to orchestras for commercials, regular release movies, television programs, video games and music projects,� explains Edo Guidotti, partner in JEL Studios and president of Pacific Coast Presentations. Guidotti produces, orchestrates and contracts music for Pacific Coast Presentations, a full-service music production company specializing in music tracks for film, commercials, video games and stage show presentations of all types. “We needed to accomplish large production recording projects with highly-efficient workflow and we found that doing everything in-the-box with a controller and outboard mic pres didn’t provide the efficiencies we had hoped for. The AWS 900+ SE, through its bussing structure, integrated DAW control for our Pro Tools® HD3 system and its clear and logical layout, is the exact tool we needed to move forward.�

JEL Recording Studios has been in business for over 30 years, recording many award-winning soundtracks. Guidotti attributes this success to superior acoustic design and talented engineers coupled with continual equipment upgrades. The purpose of the facility is to provide a production-friendly recording environment for both music and commercial projects. As acoustics and sound are of paramount importance to JEL, having a console that has great audio quality was a must.

“In the past with the controller, we relied on our high-end outboard mic pres to deliver the sound quality our clients have come to expect from JEL,� says Guidotti. “Now that we have the AWS 900+ SE, all our recording sessions begin with SSL’s industry standard SuperAnalogue™ sound right from the console. This is an incredible time-saver because we are not constantly patching in outboard gear. With the AWS, our API, Avalon, Chandler and Millennia mic pres are now used to further craft a specific sound or provide a particular color.�

Another advantage with the AWS 900+ SE is SSL’s Logictivity Browser that allows the AWS to connect to a Mac or PC via a standard Ethernet connection for Total Recall and AWSomation data and MIDI data. Archived console data can be transferred via to the host computer or via a USB flash drive to simplify data exchange between sessions.

“The automation capabilities that come with the AWS are also a great time-saver for the way we do work,� continues Guidotti. “When we were relying on all outboard mic pres, each session required an intensive amount of time to log in settings. Further, while bringing up a session on the controller was instantaneous, recalling the exact positions of a knob on an outboard unit took time to reset. Because the AWS offers extensive recall and automation control, our baseline sessions now enjoy much more efficiency with a great sound. SSL also has a great reputation and a long list of great engineers familiar with its console topology. When we were looking for a console, many engineers highly recommended SSL.�

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