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jingdong mall for many domestic famous Internet enterprises

It is important to note that, not only the apple, nokia, Microsoft big companies pursuing map application, almost all the mobile social applications (micro bo, louis vuitton factory outlet micro louis vuitton online letter), mobile electric business and so on all contains rich position elements, this gave maps and position service enterprise for a lot of opportunities.Easy to view data show that the second quarter of this year, Google map map, Scott and baidu map respectively by 25.7%, 17.5% and 17.3% of the proportion of China mobile phone map occupies total account market share of the top three position to louis vuitton outlet Google maps, nokia maps as a representative of the overseas brand flagging still, China mobile map users are accelerated to the domestic brand focus.

The personage inside course of study points out, where in China mobile Internet map information market share has been in the first place, is also the first company listed on nasdaq, domestic map software vendors, apple Scott choice as a partner is also in the reason things.According to the CEO Scott into from wu revealed that, in addition to the apple and Google outside, Scott also for sina, alibaba, tencent, jingdong mall for many domestic famous Internet enterprises to provide basic map service support. Scott and has its own two paragraphs mobile application products. Among them, the map users Scott has reached 78 million, Scott navigation is louis vuitton outlet also more than 20 million users, the mobile user Scott add up scale has louis vuitton handbags reached 100 million.

Recent reports say, just to search JiHu 360 are selection map
Service partner, and 360 chairman of the board ZhouHongYi (micro Po) is the independent directors Scott. Due to the search is based PC Internet map service first entry, baidu, sogou, Google, tencent have in the fierce fighting, apple leading mobile Internet trend and 360 new entrants will change the original competition pattern.

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