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John Galliano glasses off Spain enthusiasm frenzy

Sunglasses woman the most basic and the ultimate fashion accessory! Between them to make a woman in Tiffany Outlet the simultaneous distribution of ornate and mysterious qualities, is a symbol of status and taste of a woman. “Designer John Galliano said. In the fashion industry known as design God, romantic genius said, at the same time was John Galliano for Christian Dior master helmsman, will be held in spring 2010 in its own brand of the same name, “John Galliano” under the first eyewear products. Series 18 commodities from March 15, on the poque BELLAVITA 3 floor flagship store display.
John Galliano designs each season always caused involved in the fashion industry, playing pop music and the role of leader. All the Hollywood actress and heiress of society was John Galliano designs of loyal fans, including Oscar-winning actress Charlie, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, Kate Blanche; singer Kylie Minge; fashion Daren Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, as well as the United Kingdom social heiress daifenjinisi, were often in attendance at important occasions, awards ceremony or wear John Galliano designed the Avenue of stars. Charming far and even The Devil Wears Prada, United States Edition of Vogue editor-in-Chief Anna Win tour, can’t help but appreciate his “fashion to create a madman (inventive madness)”.
John Galliano’s designs always carry a strong romantic, and are known for its flexibility in the use of rich imagination and color. This characteristic also extends to the latest in John Galliano Eyewear series. In order to find the sunglasses new design inspiration, born John Galliano to return to Gibraltar, Spain under warm arts and climate influences, “Les Birches” was born. French ” Ray Ban Outlet” can be translated as “The Girl”, a unique girl. Les Birches wrongly thought originated from Spain Flamenco dancers. Oversize framed interpretation of Spain dancer’s passionate; frame borders special design of Beehive-shaped wave, were inspired by flamenco dancer¡¯s complex waving fans, with the rhythm of music. Color, John Galliano from black to pink gradient layer from top to bottom, as mysterious as wearing a layer of grey and black veil obscuring the window to the soul, while falling to the cheek of a rose pink, as the Latin dancer rosy blush on your cheekbones, and brings out the natural soft. “I wanted to create a pure Galliano glamour, fusion of fashion and function as a whole, to design the ultimate sunglasses series, female, sooner or later, any season, any place can please show charm.¡±John Galliano explained.