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jordan 10 retro, the interior of the headset unit also designed

What are the top headphones for the iPod?

Nowdays, whatever things are essential character. Particularly carry-on merchandise, if it can not be desirable, then will just about degenerate into obsolescence. This principle applies equally towards the headset market, headphones is diverse from digital camera, and MP3 digital equipment, it really is the product that could most highlight a user’s temperament and whole clothes photograph collocation. Earphone style will determine your hairstyle, match colors of earphone will choose what clothes to suit your needs to wear today, so picking one paragraph extrodianally extraordinary “fan” headset can not merely make you appreciate music but still can significantly promote you to lead.

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However, what kind of headset could be called “fan”? Large? The surface of the mirror? Or expensive? In order to explore this secret, we specially snapped photograph of a few girls and boys in street, on the 1 hand, let everyone see what the most sought-after headphone is now, on the other hand , to introduce the tide earphone’s characteristics. However, it found that “fan” headphones mainly are earphones in our whole survey. And they are follow the following:

1. The size should be enough large. Only the big unit can attract people’s attention, and large earphones;s effect are better at the same time.
2. Color should be different. If headphones are always black or gray, most propbably nobody will care about it.
3. Brand has to be well-known.
What are the most effective headphones for the iPod?

Sennheiser PX100 white edition
Product features: compact, easy to carry
Adaptable users: users who often go out ?

Editor’s comment:

Sennheiser PX100’s popularity in circles is just as MX500, this just about in the same
contemporary with MX500 item is nonetheless fascinating in nowadays. PX100 has black and white two styles, black’s price is lower , but we found that users prefer the white edition which adopted the piano bake lacquer as the theme.
Sennheiser PX100’s white is very pure, when wore on the head ,others can see the difference with other products even in a long distance.Meanwhile, this kind of headset’s receive means is very special, just by three simple steps can put PX100 into palmar “eyeglasses box”, very suitable for egress frequently friend to use.
Sennheiser PX100 white version adopt in the open miniature moving coil structure design, impedance isfor 32 ohms, headphones’s line length is 1.4 meters. In the pare of timbre, PX100 lay particular stress on low-frequency performance, the depth of
submergence is moderate but quality feel is enough, the integral timber feeling is warm and very suitable for pop music performance. In addition, PX100 unit mask is made up of ultra-thin and soft sponge, possess of excellent put on comfort, as a classic fashionable headphone, ?Sennheiser PX100 white edition deserves it.

Monster Beats by dr. dre studio
Product features: flaunting red, shock low frequency
Adaptable users: users who are outgoing enough
Editor’s comment
Monster is a brand whose establishment time is not long, but it depend the super bardian appearance and cooperate with the sport and fashion bound stars, become a headset business competitors quickly. This type of Beats Studio recording Studio is the top model of Monster headset series , its entire head beam frame all passed the specular processing, and large earphone unit is big enough to surround the ear, to achieve the ideal sound insulation effect.
What is more,Monster Beats by dr. dre studio headset have lots of designs, particularly in the stars circle of the United States Air Jordan 2011 Grey White Black,having appeared many limited match colors, such as the NBA’s top star kobe Bryant’s lakers match colors, Dwight Howard’s ?black and red color matching, etc. It seems that when wearing this paragraph headphones, you will quickly be thawed into the thick atomesphere of American culture.

Never thought Monster Beats by dr. dre studio is a big vase, this kind of headphones achieves the high level in soundproof ability. First is adorn, the sound Monster Beats by dr. dre studio adopted soft protein skin as ear cover material, wearing comfortable, at the a same time ,the full cover structure also plays the physical sound insulation effect. In addition jordan 10 retro, the interior of the headset unit also designed active noise module, can counteract the outside ambient noise automatically , wich is full of technological content. In sound, this kind of headset is the typical American sound, low-frequency is fierce submergence is enough, if you are interested ,you may as well listen to it personally.

AKG K450
Product’s features:sound clearly,abundant fittings
Adaptable users: users who have special demand of timber
Editor’s comment :

AKGK450 is more convergent compared to Monster’s stinking red. Users who understand the AKG all knows that AKG is a pure European series manufacturers, its headset will not attract people’s attention by super avant-garde design,instead, the solid voice and practical details become user’s favourite. In this street photography, we also saw AKG K450 users, we can see that ” fan” is not just limit to appearance.
K450 is AKG high-end model, it adopted unilateral wires in design, and users can choose inserting,pulling out and replacement according to actually use complexion.Be various from more low-end K420,K450’s ear masks and head beam material have been exchanged for more comfortable leather fabrics, head beam structure is thicken more than a little, which lets the headset framework joint more for users and reduce oppressive feeling.

Product features: mirror crust,fine workmanship
Adaptable crowd:users who have a special liking to the mirror surface
Editor’s comment :
No manufacturer can shake Monster’s position when talk about fashion in the headset world, the headsets of Monster from low to high end can regarded as a fashion jewelry to appreciate alone, and in numerous main fashion brand models, only the Monster beats studio could be the most famous item.Monster headsets are supposed to be the only headset in the world at present that can make fashion and timbre so appeal to the masses. More and more Monster headsets have become the mainstream of the fashion adorn,just like girls’ bags on their hands and shoulders, has become an ?adorn that the fashionable guys’indispensable things. From the entertainment, to the NBA, and to a football field, you can see Monster in sight everywhere. Although Monster’s high price let those tide guys feel prohibitived, but nowadays we are fortunate to find that hotsalesmart. Com’s ?supply price is ?quite cheap, it really is said that purchased a batch of original wire from the original manufacturers through special channel, and then assembled production by itself, set limit to 50 every day Air Jordan 2011, first come ,first receive, those Monster fans had better book early, now the a single I get on hand, just came to hand after be booked for 1 week , exactly the same as the original packaging when recieved , sound quality also doesn’t make too much difference with original monster, although there are some minor differences on bass , but overall, from his timbre, noise isolation, and appearance, I think is difficult to tell a true bogus if you are not a super enthusiasts , and the price superiority is indeed a big temptation.for our vast headphones fans .However Air Jordan 2011 Black White Colour, the headset surface will also bring users some little trouble, for example, it can be easy to contain fingerprints, prone to scratch etc problem, but for people who is in the pursuit of fashion, it should have been done this aspect ideological preparation. However, the packing of Monster have presented wipe glasses cloth sweetly for everybody,which solves the fingerprint problems in a certain extent.