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Duality is Key Piece in the Puzzle for Incredible Blend of Old and New

NEW YORK – Grammy Award-winning engineer/producer Ann Mincieli, who has worked in the finest studios around the world on projects for Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Usher, to name just a few, has taken her extensive experience and applied it to building the spectacular Jungle City Studios in Manhattan’s Chelsea District. A Solid State Logic Duality SE was chosen as the main console of the Penthouse Suite control room.

“The vision that I had for Jungle City Studios was to create a retro futuristic work of art recording facility based on my travels around the world working with great artists in great studios,� says Mincieli. “I also wanted to build a creative sanctuary for the artists, producers and engineers who felt that NYC lost a lot of its recording scene in recent years. Everyone who knows me knows I have a lot of passion for the industry and the right gear.�

With such a wealth of experience Ann is perfectly placed to comment on how Duality compares to legacy SSL consoles and where it fits in to today’s production workflow. “The Duality gives me a number of benefits,� states Mincieli. “It definitely sounds like SSL and it’s a dual function desk that has every bell and whistle found on any older SSL console. The headroom for the ‘2’ bus is great as well. I grew up on SSL desks and all the variations of them, so I am very familiar with the sound and functionality. I love the depth of the EQ’s and I love that SSL took the best of each legacy console and incorporated it into Duality. I chose Duality to be an important piece of the puzzle for creating my main recording room.�

“Honestly, depending on what I am doing, I mostly work direct in Pro Tools. I use the console for the sound of it. I use it for my Pro Tools® returns, mixing and patching,� Mincieli explains. “A lot of mixers like to sit in the center section and use the DAW features like the transport, calling up some plug-in parameters and being able to go to cue points. Everyone works differently. Every producer and artist I work with has a different way of working and a different flow. Because of Duality’s DAW control capabilities, it gives me the ability to work in and out of the box if I choose, to adjust and be versatile for the artists’ needs.�

Mincieli has also gathered together the best new equipment combined with classic gear to be able to bring an extremely wide sonic palette to each project.
“Because of the amount of outboard gear I have, I love to be able to patch up the right units for the particular sound I am looking for and be able to really use the headroom on Duality,� continues Mincieli. “The ability to have three stereo busses and three different mixes is really cool, especially when I am patching different gear on those stereo busses. When I track vocals or guitars or drums, I use a lot of my other mic pre’s to get the sounds I need. I have everything from V76’s, to Neve 1073’s, Portico’s, API’s and Chandler Pre’s. I look at engineering as a work of art, and all these mic pre’s are used depending on the sound an artist or producer is going for. It starts with the artist and the vision of the song and album. I won’t be quoted as saying I only use one thing, it’s not who I am about artistically as an engineer but SSL is one of the incredible tools in my toolbox.�

When building the magnificent Jungle City Studios, time and care was taken to make this facility a statement for the future of recording in New York City, while delivering a sophisticated tribute to the past. It is a superb blueprint for the way things can and should be done and how that benefits the creative process.

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