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Just put a sheep

Wholesale nfl jerseys, World Retail aircraft carrier – “Aldi”, currently worth has reached 40 billion euros to become the world’s largest wholesalers. People want to know “Aldi” The secret of success, guess Aldi definitely put its marketing program hidden as part of the trade secrets. Unexpectedly, Aldi precisely announce it all, for people to study. So far, Wal-Mart’s success, I clearly remember a detail. Management of its employees, a set of scientific refinement system. For example, it requires the clerk to smile on the customer, not only smile, and smile to be exposing eight teeth. Wal-Mart’s management to professional, sophisticated known to the world. Cheap NIKE NFL jerseys, And Aldi the contrary, Aldi open all marketing programs, people repeated studies, but can not be imitated, Aldi secret of success is only one word _ simple. The easiest means the most difficult to imitate. When the world made ??increasingly complex, “simple” – precisely became Aldi used to overcome the “complexity” of the magic weapon. Franz Kafka said: “Do not waste time on the hidden mysteries, perhaps the original of this is no mystery. Aldi’s management, said that, if your abilities and experience can only put a sheep, you do not have to go put a flock of sheep. The reason is very simple, worldly people understand this principle are numerous, but there are few that people can do. The general attitude of people usually put one, why not go and one, why not expand to a group? Expansion mentality, whether it is in the business or in other areas of society, “put a flock of sheep”-style psychological malignant tumor that has led many people to fail. How many have the man of the hour, it is also planted in the chase “put a flock of sheep” wasteland. Life abacus is often the most important is to understand that _ can put a few sheep, and put a few sheep?personalized nfl jerseys .PC9527