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Karmic Juggernaut Records With Solar Power and TELEFUNKEN

Sun Lab Studio Records”Transgressions” Entirely On Location

Pictured is the band Karmic Juggernaut recording with TELEFUNKEN microphones and solar power on location in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

The popular New Jersey-based band Karmic Juggernaut has recorded their entire 8-minute opus “Transgressions” on location using only solar energy and a full complement of microphones from TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, including the AR-51, ELA M 260, AR-70 Stereo, M80 and M81.

Combining elements of each member’s individual musical tastes, Karmic Juggernaut recorded the piece with the facilities of the band’s own Sun Lab Studio. The solar powered mobile operation has the flexibility to explore and record in places where grid energy is otherwise unavailable. Being solar-powered also gives the mobile studio the opportunity to promote alternative energy sources as well as the benefits of using natural acoustics in a recording environment.

View the band in action here:

“Transgressions” was tracked in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Production began in Summer 2012, but was interrupted due to Hurricane Sandy. Percussion tracks were recorded outdoors in the snow after the snowstorm that followed Sandy subsided. While conventional sources of electricity were still unavailable during the blackout, Sun Lab Studio was able to continue with the project, which was completed utilizing only solar energy and TELEFUNKEN microphones.

Music and lyrics by Karmic Juggernaut. Engineered, mixed, and produced by Kevin Grossman & James McCaffrey. Mastering by Tom Ruff of Asbury Media.
Primary filming by JR Skola of Dawn of Man Productions. Editing by James McCaffrey and color-correction by Alex Peacock.

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