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Knox-Array Event Production invest in Electro-Voice XLC-127DVX

Knox-Array Event Production of Champaign, Illinois, have added to their Electro-Voice inventory with a new XLC-127DVX line array system, with Xsubs, Xw monitors (Xw12s, and Xw15s) T-G7 amplifiers (with RCM-26 DSP modules), and NetMax digital matrix controllers, all operated by IRIS-Net software.

“I’ve been an EV dealer for 15 years and have been a longtime X-Array user,� says Brian Knox, “and I’ve always liked the EV sound. X-Array was a real turning point in sound reinforcement, all about quality rather than quantity, and it was very versatile for my needs at that time. I always liked its robust, full low-end, and the clarity and purity in the vocal range and high frequencies. While the X-Array is still widely accepted and appreciated, it was time for the next generation line array. With DVX, the development and technology of XLC has truly reached maturity, and the time was right for me to invest in a system to move into the current arena of sound reinforcement.�

Knox listened around at some of the other available line array options, and once again EV quality stood out—and the price point was right too. “Moreover, I really love the simplicity of the LAPS II prediction and IRIS-Net control software interfaces,� he says. “It truly integrates the speakers, TG amplifiers, and the RCM-26 processing cards into a whole system that is easy to set up, control, and monitor. Listening to the final product is proof that this is the right solution for us. We’ve had the rig out on about a dozen shows now, and it has been amazing every time. Not only is that inherent sound quality there, but rigging, hanging, and managing the XLC system is all very elegant—it all makes sense and saves time. You see companies out there with great big bumpers and all sorts of other moving parts. I’d compare the difference in industrial design of XLC and other line-arrays to that of Apple® computers and your average PC. XLC is simply a very beautiful balance of form and function—a lot of thought went into it, and it shows.�

Knox-Array’s additions to their EV rig include the following:
20 XLC-127DVX
16x TG-7 & 8x TG-5 amplifiers, with RCM-26 DSP modules
12x Xw15 & 8x Xw12 monitors
NetMax N8000 controller


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