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— Consumers of all musical abilities able to make music in a “hands on� setting —

MELVILLE, NY, April 16, 2010 — Korg USA had a major interactive presence at the 2010 Levi’s®/Fader Fort, the week of the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas. Guests of the massive, interactive compound and performance venue experienced music-making in an unusual, hands-on way as they entered the Sound Lab area, powered by Korg.

Through the simple use of touch, visitors were able to create new sound discoveries and even vocode in a specially-designed room with a “movie set� décor, depicting a machine shop, with a modern day, musical twist. Visitors to the room could also interact with each other, all using strategically incorporated, popular Korg products such as Wavedrums, Kaossilators, KP3 Kaoss Pads and Kaossilator Pros. Some music stations even

performed additional creative functions such as using the instruments to operate various pieces of “machinery� in the room.

Los Angeles-based musician Brian Kehew was brought in to design the space: “We tried to find a way to integrate the classic ‘rootsy’ style of Levi’s and Austin, Texas – with the modern state-of-the-art Korg style. That was a challenge, as Korg design looks more at home on a spaceship than a ranch. We worked from the concept that any instrument is much like a tool – and how we could present this to the visitors without saying it directly. A ‘tool’ shop – like a 1950’s machinist shop – was a familiar look, worn and comfortable and yet a place to create, to build. We made this workshop that people felt good walking into, and the ‘tools’ on the wall showed quickly this was a work environment, not a museum where you can’t touch. So people gravitated toward whatever pieces looked most interesting, and playing and figuring them out as they went, without needing instructions. It made quite an impression – most of these people had never seen the Korg instruments before, or even been to a music store! It was designed to be fun, and so that non-musicians could make music too. It was a great success for all of us at Korg and Levi’s, and the people really loved it!�

Sheri Timmons, Director, Engagement Marketing at Levi’s, commented on the collaboration between Levi’s and Korg: “Levi’s has been actively engaging the music community through events such as the Levi’s/Fader Fort, and partnering with a forward-thinking company such as Korg seemed like a natural fit. The selection of easy-to-use Korg products that we included in our SoundLab helped us to create an environment where anyone could enjoy music making and exploration on their own.�

A reported 35,000 visitors, ranging from music enthusiasts through professional musicians, visited the Levi’s/Fader Fort. Click for event video: