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KRK On The Road With Hot Chelle Rae

NASHVILLE, TN, November 17, 2011 – KRK Systems, a member of the Stanton Group of companies and a leading provider of accurate and reliable monitors and control room solutions, is providing Nash Overstreet, lead guitarist and vocalist for platinum-selling pop-rock band Hot Chelle Rae, with versatility and superior sound, in virtually any setting. Part of Overstreet’s sonic toolkit is KRK’s VXT4, which offers accurate yet portable reference monitoring for the variety of projects he is working on for the band or himself.

“Being on the road as much as I am definitely poses a challenge in terms of mixing, programming and editing my sessions,” says Overstreet. “Whether I’m mixing a song for an artist I’m producing, or mixing a television performance of Hot Chelle Rae, having an accurate mix/reference is crucial. The KRK VXT4s deliver accuracy, versatility and superior sound in any setting. They’re small enough to set up as studio reference monitors in a hotel room, green room, or even a back lounge of a bus.”

Hot Chelle Rae’s recent success includes garnering a number-seven position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the hit single “Tonight, Tonight.” The single was also one of the top five digital downloads for 2011, indicating a bright future for Hot Chelle Rae. Balancing the demands of a skyrocketing performance career with those of other creative projects has made it necessary for Overstreet to rely on KRK speaker monitors to ensure that every mix is perfect.

According to Timothy Dorwart, CEO of KRK Systems, “The KRK VXT4 tremendously increases the efficiency of the mixing process by allowing artists to take their sound on the road. Reliable studio monitors that provide great sound and also feature high portability are an important tool in an industry where so many are on the go. “

The VXT series of monitors consists of three models, the VXT4, VXT6, and VXT8. Equipped with a visually striking enclosure design that is equally functional, the VXT monitors achieve a new level of precision by providing low resonance, improved structural integrity and extended low-end as well as slotted ports for reduced port turbulence. They also feature a sleek, diffraction-limiting curvature that provides excellent imaging characteristics and a wide sweet spot. Additionally, the VXT monitors’ silk-domed tweeter, seamless crossover and KRK’s signature yellow Kevlar woofer bring superior audio imaging, outstanding transient response and a high level of detail.

“Pointing out the single best feature of the KRK VXT4s is almost impossible,” adds Overstreet. “The VXT4s strike the perfect balance between great, even clarity and easy transportability. Their versatility allows me to create superior sound, which I can do in virtually any setting. You can be confident that you get the most accurate reproduction of your mix.”

Overstreet formed Hot Chelle Rae together with Ian Keaggy, and brothers Ryan and Jamie Follese after a successful show with Ryan Follese in August 2006. The group eventually landed a deal with Jive Records, and released their debut album, Lovesick Electric, on October 27, 2009. Keaggy handles drums and background vocals, Ryan Follese handles lead vocals and rhythm guitar, and Jamie Follese is on drums.

Overstreet’s expertise in sonic clarity comes as no surprise. His father is country singer/songwriter Paul Overstreet, who released 10 studio albums between 1985 and 2005 with 16 singles charted on the Billboard country charts. Two reached the number-one spot. The rest of the band shares distinctive musical lineage; the Folleses are also sons of A-list Nashville songwriters, and Kreaggy’s father is a world-renowned Grammy-nominated guitarist.

Overstreet also attests to the durability of the KRK VXT4s. “I’ve worked in several studios with KRK speakers in the past, and when I was younger, I even sold them in a music store. They’ve always sounded great, had plenty of headroom for volume and held up amazingly. I’m glad I finally made the switch in my own studio. My mixes have never sounded better.”

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KRK Systems, a member of the Stanton Group of companies is a leading provider of accurate and reliable monitors and control room solutions. Founded in 1986, KRK has remained true to its mission of providing and developing products that meet the needs of its customers. During that time, KRK’s studio monitors, subwoofers, headphones and accessories have become synonymous with quality design and unparalleled performance. With a wide range of monitoring systems, available in multiple sizes and configurations, KRK offers products that meet the diverse needs of professionals and audio enthusiasts across the globe. For additional information on all KRK Systems products, please visit us online at