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KRK Systems ROKIT G3 Studio Monitors Make European Debut at Musikmesse 2014

KRK Systems, part of Gibson Brands Inc., is presenting its new ROKIT Generation 3 Studio Monitor Series (ROKIT G3) for the first time in Europe at Musikmesse 2014 (Hall 5.1, Stand A82). Available with five-inch, six-inch, or eight-inch woofers, this updated line of two-way active monitors features multiple innovations that elevate KRK’s already legendary performance and further refine the company’s design philosophy: deliver transparent, balanced spectral response with ultra-low distortion and superior imaging.

“The ROKIT G3 line not only meets the highest sonic standards, but delivers the versatility needed by all users to take their mixes to the next level—regardless of musical style,” says Gus Jursch, Director of Operations for Gibson Pro Audio. “The extended, accurate high- and low-frequency response delivers mixes that translate superbly over a wide variety of playback systems, while new high- and low-frequency amplifier adjustments let users tailor these monitors to taste, or compensate for room acoustics. What’s more, the new line maintains the ROKIT reputation as being ideal for anyone, from those starting out in desktop recording all the way to pro-level mixing and mastering engineers.”

The ROKIT G3’s feature a lightweight yellow composite woofer that achieves outstanding dynamics. Many monitor manufacturers compromise the midrange frequencies to hype the bass, but the KRK ROKIT G3’s unique tuning process treats the woofer, cabinet, and port as a single, integrated whole that provides extreme vocal clarity with extended bass response.

Furthermore, the enhanced class A/B bi-amplification system has also been optimized to maximize headroom without increasing distortion. Unlike monitors that distort at higher SPLs, KRK monitors are engineered to deliver clean, accurate sound at any volume level; the high frequencies are crisp, transparent and free of harshness, which complements the detailed midrange and precise—yet highly satisfying—bass. The upgraded one-inch soft-dome tweeter provides response up to a staggering 35k Hz, while KRK’s optimized, proprietary waveguide technology delivers superior stereo imaging with a wider “sweet spot.”

Introduced in 2003, KRK’s ROKIT two-way active studio monitors have been the professional’s monitoring choice world-wide for mixing and mastering, selling more than one million systems to date. The third-generation ROKIT 5, ROKIT 6 and ROKIT 8 continue KRK’s enviable tradition of quality, innovation, and accuracy.

The KRK ROKIT G3 line is now shipping. For more information, visit

About KRK Systems
Over the past two decades, KRK Systems, part of the Gibson Pro Audio division, has become synonymous with quality design and unparalleled performance in the world of studio monitors, subwoofers and headphones. And because KRK has remained true to its mission of providing accurate and reliable studio monitors, as well as developed products that fit its customer’s needs like a glove, the company occupies the industry’s #1 position for studio monitors. With four series of monitoring systems (both passive and active, in a variety of sizes), KRK offers products that meet the diverse needs of home studios, professional studios, and audiophiles. For more information, visit us at

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